In the office

My office is just a corner of the studio tea kitchen. Lorna really has the better spot over in the corner. I have a desk I found in the basement that probably belonged to Casey Realty next door in the nineteen fifties. It is big and has lots of room. I do not have it really organized or even really pretty but I know where everything is essentially. Sometimes I look at those home offices in the magazines andI suppose I should try to make this little office an inspiring plce I think..”that could be me” but the truth is , it just is not me. I spend a lot of time on my computer writing books and online courses and I suppose I should try to make this little office an inspiring place . Somehow it escapes me. I have made my studio at home a lovely space but this little space is always a wreck. I have nice bulletin boards with barely anything on them. I think really I should stop writing right now and pretty this place up.

This of course is a diversion……





3 thoughts on “In the office

  1. So, what is wrong with your office? It works for you and you are comfortable in it. You certainly produce amazing things there!


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