Thank you Don Miller

My community has an amazing youth group run by my friend Don Miller. this year he has. Over 100 grade ten, eleven and twelves in hos group. The participants do a couple of dessert theatres each year. This year’s theme was the Olympics so they danced to Rasputin, dressed as hockey players, mocked curling and had their audience in stitches all the while.
I went Thursday night and it was so good I went again on Sunday night. It was so good to see teenagers full of joy and fun. They were proud of themselves, delivering homemade desserts at Intermission and chatting up all their guests. We are a lucky community to have Don Miller . He is an energetic and creative man who loves his work and contributes so much to the youth in our town. He also makes us buckle over with laughter, and stop to think about life at the same time. His plays have plenty of message but he serves it to us in ways that we are comfortable with.
He takes a cupboard full pf old clothes and transforms them into Russian dance costumes. This play was full of vibrant colour so uour eyes danced along with the show. I just loved it, even more the second night.







7 thoughts on “Thank you Don Miller

  1. Wonderful! Did Don play your mother-in-law in one of the youtube videos? That was hysterical and we watched it more than once. rofl The joy of the Lord is our strength after all. After this winter in the states; we all need to laugh more. Hugs


  2. Watching youth sing, act and ham it up is such a joy to see. We enjoy going to see our son and friends in their high school musicals, choirs and bands.
    Does that happen to be your daughter in the 3rd picture in the teal Deanne? She looks familiar.


  3. Sounds awesome! Did anyone get any video they could post? I’ve watched him in Teaching Grandma to Hook, and it cracks me up every time I watch it!


  4. Yes Don Miller sure is a great guy. I have heard him speak at your workshops, having us in stitches..Toured his beautiful home. Was in awe at the amazing Bird Houses he makes I have quite a few photographs taken of him, many wonderful memories


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