winter is

Winter Remains

Hockey Games and Saturday Night Storms. We drove home Saturday night in the worst kind of weather. A forty minute drive took an hour and a half . It was clear when we set out but weather was promised and we got it. Blustering winds and snow covered roads. It makes you appreciate yellow lines.

I got home at one and was so would up I put everything away instead of falling into bed. I poured a nip of red wine and read til two or even later. I read until the rush of storm driving was gone.

The next morning I cooked a turkey. Let it slow cook in the oven all day. Turnip and carrots and summer savoury and gravy. I fell asleep in a chair at two third as the aroma sifted through the house. Company for supper. Old friends, the kind you call at 4:30 for supper at 5:30.

Brown sugar sauce poured over blueberry ice cream for dessert.

Winter remains.

Sometimes it is too cold to walk so I go to the rink . Around and around. The same scene rolling in my head yet I am grateful it is there so I can get my pace up with out falling.

Today I walked through the snow, about a mile. Tonight I’ll cook another winter meal and I’ll hook on my dog rug. Maybe knit a little.

I really should unfold and refold every piece of wool in the studio. I do that once a year but my book is good so I know there is competition.

Cozy. warm. Peaceful.

Winter is .



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