Catherine Bussiere: stormy day

stormy day
wind and snow

somewhere on the map
a cozy house at the end of a road

no one needs to go
no one can go

it’s a full house
winter break has started
family is all together

time capsuled in the storm
all that is needed is fire in the wood stove

palms and taro are being read
hot chocolate has been made

enveloped in white
serenity infuses my senses




DSC_0059 DSC_0058 DSC_0055

3 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: stormy day

  1. I need to comment on what, I assume, is “cat” Bussiere! I, too, am a cat person…love the photo…they can certainly be as silly as they are regal and elegant!!!! Carol


  2. Wasn,t sure what I was looking at in the first couple of photos, but was happy to see they were tulips. I love white blooms. We are in a sea of light fluffy snow in Moncton today. Lots and lots of snow. It danced all afternoon. I did some baking. I really enjoy your posts!


  3. We had the storm on Saturday, today it is cold, but sunny. Tonight a Dusting and on Monday night and Tuesday more of the white stuff, then by Friday temps at 50 , can’t wait. Lots of time for hooking which has been very nice. The photos are lovely. Thank younforyour post. Sallie


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