In the quiet

It is early and I have to be quiet because everyone is sleeping . I feel like chatting so where better to come then here. I am glad you are here.
This weekend will be busy with hockey. I will not get to work on my dog rug much but I will tote my knitting in my new big green bag. Nothing like a woman with a new big purse. I could pack a weekend in that thing if I needed to. Having my knitting with me, knowing it is in my bag is like having a cup of tea at the ready. It is so soothing. The blanket is getting a bit big but so what , so is the purse.

This week I picked out the light fixtures, the paint and the flooring for the women’s store . I have the concept but I am still working on a name. I have sent in two but both have been rejected because of trademarks. It is not just thinking of a name but thinking of one that no one else owns.

I have been playing with Instagram. I joined a long time ago but only use it once in while. It is like twitter but with pictures you can edit. I have enclosed a few of the pictures a day.

Now people are up and want to talk to me. Sorry gotta go.





One thought on “In the quiet

  1. How privilaged are we to get your first, fresh thoughts of the day? šŸ™‚ Hope you had a “Happy Valentines Day”.


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