Just a week in February

My basket of succulents are lying by woodstove basking in the heat. I imagine taking them outside in the summer and letting them do their thing. I would love a succulents garden outside my door this summer. Perhaps I will give it a go. I just love their sagey colour, and how they are so plain but full of interesting shapes. At a quick glance you could take them for granted but then they lure you in.
Tonight for supper I am making an old recipe of fish with a light curry and fried almonds. My oldest sister used to make it a lot years ago. I also have some cherries so I am thinking about a cherry crisp. I never made a cherry crisp before but it sounds so good.

I am working on a delightful rug of dogs… Yup, that’s right. I never have bothered with dogs before but suddenly I got an idea and went for it. They are folksy dogs mind you with floral coats but still they got a little bark to them. I also finished a few sheep rugs. I guess this is sheep dog time for me. They remind me of my first dog digit, who was a yellow dog with a fat body and skinny legs.
Last weekend I went to the shoe show to do some looking and buying for the new women’s clothing store.I also picked out some of the items for the decor. It is a very creative process to turn an idea into reality. I love that about business, it is very creative. There is alot of art to it.

This week I have been home a bit more than usual because I have had a cold. It has given me the chance to clean out my studio cupboards. It was something I had been dreading but I forgot how good it feels to have it done. I just finished today and I love the idea of knowing just what is under those cupboards. Knowing they were stuffed and messy kind of lurked over me as I sat there hooking. Having cleaned them, I feel oddly self satisfied. I took out some junk but mostly just cleaned and tidied. There is such satisfaction in organizing. I got all my old sketchbooks standing so that I can pull them out and have a look at them. What is the sense of saving those ideas if I do not peek at them once in a while. Now will I peek at them since they are at my fingertips.
It has been a productive week. Lots of hooking, knitting, cleaning, organizing, reading, and cooking. February is really ok.





6 thoughts on “Just a week in February

  1. I, too, have the book…”14,000 Things to be Happy About”! Must confess it’s in the wee room under the stairs…I turn to a page whenever the opportunity arises…food for thought…encourages ‘happy’ images in my head…C


  2. I just found that book at my thrift store..1000 things to be happy about. I am using that idea by putting one happy thing at the top of a sketchbook page every day. Sort of writing my own. Lots of inspiration in that book. Many rug ideas!


  3. First the studio, now a clothing store. Glad I have a son living there – it’s a long way from B.C. just to shop……


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