Maritime Mary: Small Town Folks in Montreal

I’ve just returned from a short but wonderful vacation in Montreal with my husband and some friends. While we like living in a small town, going to the big, vibrant city brings such a buzz of excitement.

When in Montreal, it would be a shame to not have smoked meat and real poutine. So that we did! In Old Montreal we enjoyed maple taffy and happened upon a chocolate event – yes I said chocolate! We were awe struck by the beauty of Notre Dame Cathedral and enjoyed being a tourist along the bricked streets.

People in Montreal walk a lot. They dress warmly for their cold temperatures and they walk – usually alone, as they go about their day. As we rode the subway, we noticed how quiet it was, very little conversation, people got on and off alone. And I realized that here at home, we are often in the company of someone we know or someone we have met, and we talk. Seeing so many go about on their own made me feel safe in the big city.

Friendly service, polite people, great food, exciting curling and hockey, all this happened in Montreal. And so it was cold, really cold, but when you’re having a wonderful time, that part is easy to forget.