Catherine Bussiere: February 9

I like how winter is going by
days getting longer
How many minutes a day again?
only a bit (about three)
and so in a sneaky way
day by day
we get more light

I like this time of year because I can look up to things
Spring, summer, garden, heat
All things that I love are in the horizon

There is a lot penned down in my calendar for February
It’s almost surprising
Wasn’t I hibernating
wishful thinking

This week will be my daughters birthday
how come it sounds so much more then 16
funny how numbers are
she asked me to make her a tiramisu
that in itself is rather exciting
Tiramisu is an italian dessert that involves ladies finger (the cookies), fine chocolate, mascarpone cheese (like a rich and creamy italian cream cheese), whipped cream and whipped eggs
it may involve brandy
it’s light, it’s rich, it’s scrumptious

This past Monday my son had an opening
he will be graduating from art school this year
he is a creator, a sculptor, a designer
he is a fine artist

my photos this week are from his show
it was called In(ter)action
the premise: you may touch the art
in fact it demands to be touched
















5 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: February 9

  1. I find the sculptures made by your son most interesting, His lines are smooth and clean. The best of luck in the future for him. My granddaughter plans to take Art in the Fall when she leaves highschool. As for Tiramisu, I made one years ago, the ingredients cost me almost $50.00 by the time I had bought the Marsala and Conac, I still have the recipe from The Canadian Living Magazine, The most delicious dessert I ever tasted.


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