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As the Olympics’ start so does the excitement of cheering on our athletes and watching all the events.

So here in the studio we thought to celebrate the games we would have the knitting Olympics. Each of us has picked out a pattern we want to knit, and we have to finish it by the time the games are over.

I am doing a hat and maybe a matching cowl depending on how the hat goes. Brenda is knitting a beautiful sweater which I hope she doesn’t like and may want to give it away to someone. (Hint, Hint)

Megan is doing a pair of mittens and Norma a sweater. Deanne is working on a blanket.

So if you have a project that has been waiting for you to finish, now is the perfect time to get it out, watch the games and cheer on your country, and cheer us on too.

Go Canada Go

Here are the yarns we will be using

Feb 7, 2014 022

Feb 7, 2014 006

7 thoughts on “Look with Lorna

  1. lorna, that sounds like a great way to spend a winter evening… and watching the sports,,, it is amazing how time goes when you are hooking and knitting while a couple of hours goes by.i will do a scarf and hope to finish it in 2 weeks… and do some hooking as well…to finish up some projects and start my new pattern from deanne which i just got in the mail,,, love the mystery pattern …picking out colors now to prepare… love the yarns you guys are knitting with..
    take care
    elaine allerton


  2. Go knitters, go!! Do we get to see the finished products?
    Funny, I just read an article in the Toronto Star the other day about a group of knitters in the Toronto area doing the same thing.
    Apparently Ravelry hosted a ‘Ravelympics’ in 2012 and the US Olympic Committee sent a letter telling them to drop the name because they were in violation of the Olympic trademark (really!?!). So they renamed it ‘Ravellenic Games’ after the ancient Greek panhellenic games.
    Lorna, what is the multi-colour yarn with the nubs? I don’t recall seeing it on the website. I might just want to order one of those if you carry it!


  3. Happy knitting. I’m going to go get my knitting now. I have a scarf on my needles and will get to it, as we are watching lots of Olympics. Go Canada! Go USA!


  4. I just wrote a message here, but my hand slipped and my message disappeared into cyber space. Please excuse if it pops up twice. I shall attempt it once again.
    Thanks Lorna for your news update from the studio and beyond.
    We , also, are enjoying the Olympics. When there is a break in the action, I return to my Cheticamp frame and continue hooking my Owl rug. Shall be thinking about you all knitting and hooking and look forward to seeing the finished projects. Are there hooked medals being awarded to top finishers?


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