Maritimers Mary: Just Knitting

My friend asks me what I’ve been doing lately and I reply, “Oh, just knitting.” I call another friend, ask the same question and I get, “Just knitting.” I text my daughter, “What are you up to?” And again the same reply. She went to her friend’s house and you guessed it, she was knitting!

Everyone is knitting, enjoying the simple rhythm of the needles, moving wool forward, looping it around, knit one, purl one, knit two, purl two. Using circular needles, made of plastic, made of metal, straight needles passed on from elderly family members who are no longer able to knit. Bamboo, plastic, metal, needles that ‘click click’, we create a beat as we knit along.

Here at the studio, many people leave with lovely skeins of colourful yarn, excited to get home to knit. Some buy the yarn with no definite project in mind, letting the wool inspire them.

The Olympics are about to commence, so what better excuse does one require to sit, watch, cheer, and of course, knit?






One thought on “Maritimers Mary: Just Knitting

  1. yes, i agree,,,, everyone is knitting something this winter… it may be the weather, as well as getting back to homemade…. hooking a rug or crocheting, sewing, or knitting.

    my sister in law has been laid up for 6 weeks after bunionj surgery and knitting has saved the days!!! she has knitted over 45 articles, including hats, mitts, scarfs, all sizes for everyone .
    i just finished knitting a cowl for my sisters birthday coming up soon..and between hooking i may knit another scarf, or two…
    elaine allerton


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