We are shipping the Mystery Pattern Today


Today is the day we ship the Mystery Pattern. Megan and I were talking the other day and we thought about the confidence that those who joined put in us and we thought we should do something special. This afternoon , we are going to draw a name from the members of the pattern club and the bundle club  ( you still have a few hours to join) and we are going to let that one person choose one of the four original rugs here and we will ship it to you. We just want the members to know how much we appreciate their ongoing interest.

We also thought that to make the pattern club interesting we just might keep those names in a bag for the occasional draw for members and that we’d really try to do things to make membership special. We are working on a few ideas already. We have been really thrilled at seeing people join because we know it will inspire them to hook.

I really appreciate people supporting the studio. Many of my customers have become friends over the years. I am excited to see the many versions of the same pattern hooked. We have decided that the pattern will only be available for the month it is offered for now. We might issue them in a couple of years but for now those patterns will only be accessible to club members.

So today Hopper took the first bundle off to the mail. I think in about a month we’ll start seeing versions of them hooked. My goodness , it gets me excited to think of a whole group of people all across North America hooking the same pattern at the same time.

Today is the last day to join for this month. Thank you to all the members, your pattern is being shipped.

Join the Mystery Pattern Club

Join the Mystery Bundle Club ( a great way to build your stash through out the year)

Or call to join at 1 800 328 7756 . It is available to other parts of the world for a little extra shipping. Call us if you want to join.

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4 thoughts on “We are shipping the Mystery Pattern Today

  1. I love this idea and I hope some members of the club send in pictures of their completed rug. It will be fun to see all the different versions of the same pattern.


  2. i am so excited that you shipped the mystery pattern!! cannot wait to get to the mail box everyday to see if it is there….especially on these grey , cold , snowy days we are having,,,, nothing like a new pattern to brighten the winter..
    elaine allerton


  3. I am so excited that the mystery Pattern and bundle , today! One can see by the shape my left hand is in, that I have been HOOKING. I finished my sample people. A shepherd with his cane and collie. A shepherdess with lamb in arm , it’s mother following behind. This is my own project from 2013’s Hooking People. Now I’m on to an Art Deco Rug that I put together a design from pictures of that era.
    -10 and snow here. Grey sky. We are watching your area on The Weather Channel. Create well today! Mabel


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