Win some Blundstones …Make a floor mat… See our new patterns


My New Boots came to me wrapped as a Christmas Present….Maybe you’ll win yours on Valentines Day

and the boots can rest on your mat by the door….

Here’s a new idea….let’s put mats on the floor!

Let’s put boots on our mats.

Let’s really use them.

I just put a hooked rug by my back door to wipe our feet on. Yes I did. I had a tinge of “Oh noooo” but it was soon over come with “Let’s wear this thing out.” I just decided it was time to get back to my roots. A mat by the door. It might be the next big thing. Everything old is new again…sometime.

I became really certain I was doing the right thing when I walked across it in my bare feet.


Made with my own hands.

This year I think I’ll be making floor rugs and I invite you to join me.

Lets get back to basics…good old black boots and a mat by the door.

It’s a bit of a floor mat challenge.

Maybe you have a room that needs a rug…why not create your own carpet.

Many of my new pattern designs make great floor mats. Some are just fun designs to hook for anywhere.

So we’ll be putting names in the box and drawing the prize on Feb . 14.

Here is how you enter…go have a look at our new patterns and tell us in the comments which one is your favorite and why.

You can enter at the studio too, we have the catalog here if you want to drop in and a ballot box.

We’ll do a random draw on February 14 from all the entries online and in the studio and we’ll ship you a pair in your size or you can come try the sizes.

No purchase is necessary. We are happy are to hear about your favourites.

See our New Patterns HERE

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219 thoughts on “Win some Blundstones …Make a floor mat… See our new patterns

  1. The nest is best. It reminds me that spring will come with all its loveliness.
    I would like to see it as a pillow on my window seat overlooking the garden when it begins to bloom again. There are too many patterns I like and I have been trying to decide which is my favourite since you asked. But this is the one that made my heart sing as soon as I saw it and I still love it!

  2. I have two favorites (is that breaking the rules). There are so many to choose from. I like the “window seat” and of course “standing together”, as that is what I picture when I think of your rugs Deanne. xo

  3. At this time of my life I would pick the gardener! There were 5 girls in my family we all love to play in the dirt and garden. I have lost two of my sisters in the past four months. One was a master gardener the other knew every wildflower in the Tennessee mountains.

  4. Love the nest, it arrrived and I am working on it now–not for the floor, but on a table. Have hooked the nest sides with cut wool and homespun yarn, Needlefelted the bottom and plan to needle felt robin egg blue eggs. Am hooking the branches with a homespun and using a spring green (spring grren cause I have a hope–this was our 43 below zero F morning since official winter began) for the space in between, cause, this is a “looking down from above” mat to the ground and not up to the sky. Think I will cut it “ameoboid” in shape and needle felt the edges with brown roving. Before I needlefelt it I will baste a piece of wool to the back to give it a bit of stability. Maybe even stuff it a tad to give the nest, loft. Loving my “eagle eyes view” already.

  5. In the kitchen reminds me of my grandmothers kitchen..I love the old stove and you can smell the bread baking in it……They did put the mats on the floor. Of course I have been wanting a pair of those fabulous boots…….love the new patterns and I may have to sign up fore an online course soon…………………

  6. I love the Quilts in the Wind and The Mittens. I’m still drawn to primitive patterns and colors for the most part but love being able to mix it up with a shot of color here and there or with texture. You always offer such inspiration! Thanks!

  7. Wow! difficult to decide which one is my favorite new pattern, so many good ones. Love the beach so will pick Dog Day at the Beach.

  8. If I were to choose a favourite new pattern and enter a draw to win a pair of Blundstones, I would choose Modern Circles. This pattern is exciting because of the number of colour combinations possible and the “all season/all purpose” design. Thanks!

  9. I love Two Fish Under the Waves…I can just picture it hooked with lots of colour and texture. It is, in my opinion, a happy, fun pattern and I think would be equally fun to hook…so much room for creativity!

  10. I am torn between Create and Standing Together. I love inspirational words and am also practicing my letter hooking techniques right now. I have been making rugs (and wool applique) with special words into pillows. I move these around my house and enjoy them.

    Standing Together reminds me of my mother and her “club” group; all of those ladies are gone now. I have many fond memories of all of them together. Now as I get older, I am starting to look more and more like my mother. Standing Together makes me smile.

  11. I like so many of the patterns, but one of my favourites is Crows in a Tree–love the silhouette of crows against the sky!

  12. My favourite is the coastal village triptych because I recently saw a triptych in a gallery that I loved but could never afford so this made me feel that I could afford a beautiful rug triptych and I would be the artist. I am working on my very first rug and those boots would look great sitting on it when I am done. What a great and fun idea. Thanks to you and good luck to whoever wins them.

  13. I love the Little Birds pattern because it is simple and whimsical. It would give a nice touch to a home!

  14. So many wonderful designs/hard to choose, but I really like Circular Posey because it’s a great size to use as a runner on the table. (They’re easier to see up close/appreciate all the wonderful colors and textures!) BUT, I do have several of my rugs on the floor, in use in my home. I agree – it’s luxury to step on them! Thanks for the chance at the new boots!

  15. “Jump In” is my favourite. It reminds me of summer at the beach & makes me look forward to the years ahead with my sisters & myself.

  16. I love the pattern quilts in the wind because I am a quilter and seeing the colorful works of art hanging on a clothesline makes me happy. I also like the happy family, the 3 readers pattern because I have 3 sons that like to read

  17. I love “Creative Women”. I can almost feel the stretch in their arms and their insistance that we follow our own inner artist and Create!

  18. I just love Little Dancers. I’ve always wanted to learn to dance but I have two left feet. But I am able two hook little dancing feet. What a great idea!!!

  19. My favourite is “Swimming Mermaids”. I have a felted mermaid on a piece of driftwood made by a rug-hooker. They would look beautiful together! I love anything do with the sea.

  20. I think I like “crows in a tree” in the 40×40 version. If you are doing a rug for the floor it should have some size. I just put a set of four rugs on the floor and I love them. You are right about how lovely they feel under foot

  21. I love them all…so many choices to feed our souls! I love the Owl, my daughter loves them and she would love this as a hanging piece.

  22. I love “Dog Day at the Beach” because it reminds me of my recently passed Bassett Hound, Henry. We both loved to walk, run and play on the dog beach in Monterey, CA (about the only beach in California that will allow a dog to not be required to be on a leash if they are well behaved) and I miss my little buddy so very much. A rug from this pattern would have a special place in my heart because he would always be with me and I would never forget the times we had together. I will definitely get this pattern soon.

  23. Standing Together as it is a version of Standing at the Monument rug which is my all time favorite rug. If I had a nickel for every time I looked at and studied the photo of Standing at the Monument rug I would be a rich woman. That rug has inspired me and is why I don’t get so hung up with perfection and has allowed my hooking style to be relaxed. When started hooking I would count my loops and hook in every hole. I was tense when I hooked and It would take me forever to steam my rugs to get them to lay flat. If someone had asked me to draw a pattern like this a few years ago I would drawn the people stiff and perfect. In studying the rug I saw how one shoulder dropped ever so slightly from the other shoulder and how one leg was just slightly turned in from the other leg. Our bodies are not perfect. If you cut our bodies in half they would not mirror each other. That is why my shoulder bag slides off on my right shoulder but stays in place on the left shoulder. I also love how the hem on one side of the coat hangs a little lower that the other side and how one side of the coat has has more creases than the other side which reflects movement. Standing together is a beautiful pattern that shows how as people we are alike but also different from each other. Thank you Nancy Forsman

  24. I love Standing Together – I remember seeing the large mat you hooked like this. It was hanging at your home and I remember looking and looking at it, and thinking that little lady in the front looked just like my little Aunt Maggie, long passed now – my Nannie’s sister. It was such a nice day, Joy L and I were at your shop and she whispered to me to take all the time I wanted to look at that mat – a nice memory.

  25. I like little dancers. As a pre school teacher it is so fun to see the bright tights and bright dresses with little patten shoes that the girls wear.

  26. I love Rolling Waves Abstract. I would hook one version for the wall in all kinds of fibres: wool, velvets, silks and add some pearls for bling. The floor mat would be interesting in a prodded version for a bathroom. Wouldn’t THAT feel wonderful on your toes??

  27. What to choose? I think it would be “In the Kitchen on the Mat” as it reminds me of my grandmothers house – miss the old stoves!

  28. Deanne those patterns are fab! I like most of them but I really like the wonky lighthouse ones. I like the spruce trypic and I like the chicken ones too oh my how could I pick just one. By the way I just bound my first floor mat yesterday…so much work and pretty to be on the floor but I like it and my husband’s dog loves it.

  29. I like Standing Together because it makes me think of all my women friends, whether my nursing class from 56 years ago, still many staying friends, or my hooking friends, who have held me up for over 4o years.

  30. Definitely like the “Gardener” pattern best — it reminds me of Beatrix Potter in her garden at Hill Top Farm…

  31. tough to decide, but I am voting for “What a Little Moonlight Can Do”. I could use a little dancing in the moonlight….thanks for all your fun appreciation of the simple , best things in life.

  32. I love all of the wonderful inspirational patterns. It is very difficult to choose any one pattern. But….I choose “Creative Women”. I love how individualized they are, each making their own statement. They look as if they are really enjoying each others friendship….which is so very important to our lives as women. Friendship…love…quality…peace!

  33. Swimming Mermaids is a wonderful new pattern. I love how they are drawn as though the viewer is looking down on them from above. They will be so cute hooked in bright colors with lots of textures.

  34. Hi, my favorite of the new designs is “save the world”! Who can resist a happy woman with a star wand?
    Deb Hastings

  35. How to choose just one – there are several I really like. Gardener would hook up wonderfully, as would Window Seat, or Cottage Country, or Looking Up the Hill.

  36. Modern Girls Shirt Wash because I love the look of a clothes line. when I see this image I can smell the breeze, hear the snap of the shirts, feel the sun and taste the sea air. It is 9 degrees F outside tonight but your image takes me straight to summer. 🙂

  37. I love Dog Day at The Beach. I love the beach better than any other place I’ve been and the dog looks like my Brit, the golden retriever. Thanks for the opportunity to win those beautiful boots. I don’t even own a pair of boots!!

  38. I would have to pick `Bountiful, it celebrates the beautiful mature woman. Another favorite of mine is `swing in the yard`, it reminds me of a wonderful old tree that we had in our yard growing up that we all played the game `how far can we swing to touch the leaves and branches`. There is such a wonderful picture of my parents standing arm & arm under that very tree. Thanks Deanne for touching our souls with your designs. Susan

  39. I have visited the patterns many times since you first posted them trying to figure out what to hook next…too many to choose from Deanne! My ultimate favorite would have to be Rolling Waves Abstract. As I walk out the door every day, it would remind me that each day rolls on and that the good that you send out into this world does come back to you. Keep up the amazing good that you continue to do and the inspiration you provide to others. Can’t wait for March Break and a road trip to your shop!

  40. The Gardener speaks to me. She doesn’t want to admit that she is gifted and blessed to help produce beauty for others to see. She humbly says I helped. The 2 plants in the front just say: Thank You for caring. Thank you for helping us
    to be present.

  41. My favorite new pattern is create beauty everyday. My friend, Mary, taught me how to hook, she learned it from her mother. We went from quilting to hooking and she never looked back. Her rugs are beautiful. Mary was in your workshop in the fall of 2012 and brought back a book mark from your shop. create beauty everyday. She kept in on her bookcase, so every time you walked in her house, it was the first thing you saw. We lost Mary in December of that same year, to a drunk driver. I try to create beauty everyday in her memory.

  42. “Back to the Hen House” is my favorite. It reminds me of the scene that greeted me each frosty winter morning when I opened the door to the chicken coop to feed my “girls” and handsome rooster. Lots of potential there too for coloration as there are so many wonderful breeds of chickens.

  43. My favorite is the Nest pattern because it feels like it welcomes you to my nest… i love owls they are my favorite and any bird really but I really have to say the Nest is it for me and when i can afford to i might have to purchase the pattern and begin hooking myself! I love your work it is absolutely incredible!

  44. My favorite is “Martini Night”, but I also like Create Something Beautiful Every Day.
    What a great motto. Love your patterns!

  45. As others have said, so hard to pick just one – my top two are On the Hook and Dog at the Beach. I also like the one with crows – where I work is a well established roost with thousands of crows flying in around dusk. I can see this one done with a night sky and interesting textures in the birds.

  46. I am absolutely obsessed with lines of lovely, clean laundry and have been photographing them whenever I can. Therefore, I love “Modern Girls Shirt Wash”…nice simple graphics that tell the whole story.

  47. Oh so many to pick from! I have gone through the pages twice and still could not pick only one. So it is a tie between Modern Girl Shirt Wash because it reminds me of when my daughters were home and their wash was always on the line ready for the next night out on the town. My other favourite is road trip as it is something my husband and I do in our antique car every summer. There are so many roads to travel, places to see and new people to meet. I think those new boots would walk very nicely across the two rugs on my floor. Thanks Deanne for this opportunity to try and win them.

    Just Me,

  48. I love all of these mats but because I’m a hooker and a gardener , I would say I like The Gardener best.

  49. I LOVE Polka Dot Dress!! My boyfriend and I are restoring a 55 Crown Victoria together. I have a red and white polka dot 50’s dress to wear to the car shows.

  50. Hi Deanne, My favorite pattern (s) is Coastal Village Triptych. I love water and houses in mats. Thanks for the contest.

  51. I love geometric and simple patterns where the colour *makes* the mat. My favorite is Circular Posies. I’ve been drooling over it for a few days now and think it might be in my future soon

  52. I love the 6×9 Owl. It reminds me of an Inuit print I got at an auction. I can picture it being done in black and white

  53. My favorite pattern is “standing together”. It reminds me of my grandmother and her friends standing together waiting for the markets to open in Germany where she grew up. The pattern also has so many possibilities for color in all the different outfits. I love several others but this is my favorite. Thanks for all you do for all of us!!

  54. I narrowed it down to Sunday Drive and Klimt Wave……I guess the beach girl in me makes me lean towards Klimt Wave.

  55. Hard to choose just one but The Gardener is a strong reminder of my Aunt Jean who was a great gardener and talented hooker.

  56. Wow! So many favourites! I loved the Coastal Village Triptych…it pulled me to the story behind the village. My favourite was Gardener. To me it represents beauty, a peaceful pastime, a burst of colour, creativity…and a sense of accomplishment both in the hobby of gardening and creating the rug. I agree with your idea of getting back to basics. This rug would sit on my porch at the cottage,when I come in from the garden!

  57. My favorite is the creative women. It speaks to me strongly because it was so powerful o be in your class this summer with so many creative gals who honor my talent. Love this one.

  58. It was hard to pick but I will have to go with Posy Power. The idea of zooming in on a portion of the flowers and making them bigger than life appeals to me. Maybe it is just the thought of bright flowers that attracted me this cold winter morning.

  59. 11 Sheep
    I miss my Sheep… sniff/sniff!
    We have retired, due to health and age. Our flock has been sold. No family to take over. One hundred + years of a continuous flock. Cared for by four generations.
    I miss my Sheep… WAH!

  60. I like “Jump In”, Boutiful Hillside”, “Lovers by the Sea”, “The Gardener”, “Standing Together” etc. etc. etc. But my ultimate favourite is “Standing Together” because I love close-knit group designs with so much potential for various colours and folds and patterns on all the clothes, the purses, the hats, the shoes and boots. I made one of a group of women that are so fat and funky and colourful and I love love love it. Unfortunately, I’m giving it to my sister as a gift but it’s also lovely to give away something that I love so much and I know she will love it. So I need to make one for myself now! I also love the idea of actually making a rug, for the floor! It’s so great that you, Deanne, are doing that! Back to the roots. I really want to do that. I will stay in touch about the differences that you need to be aware of when making one for the floor. Like materials to use. I would imagine that 100% wool is highly recommended all throughout the rug. Anything else? Burlap or linen make a difference? Sorry to go on.

  61. I like them all, but I especially love “Shake the apples” because I grew up with an apple tree in the backyard and my husband’s childhood home had an apple tree too! My late Father-in-law would hold my little daughter up to reach the apples! My mother-in-law made the most luscious pink applesauce (she used red hot cinnamon candies to flavor it with) and she would take it to people who were sick! I sure miss that applesauce and my in laws who always treated me as a daughter!
    Cowgirl V

  62. Such wonderful patterns! I am really loving “The Blue Around us”…I usually like square dimensions and the imagery is so playful. But I am really drawn to Harry’s Garden…I love the composition and it makes me think of my husband who plans to have his own garden when he retires!

  63. Bread Gifts! This was almost spooky. As I was going through the patterns I was thinking…..had Deanne ever designed a pattern about bread making. And there it was 3 bumps and all. I taught my 30 yr old son to bake bread, just as my Mom had taught me. Including, and most important…… You must put the sign of the cross in the bread dough or it won’t rise!!!!

  64. I like Circular Cove best – there are several front runners, though! It would look great in a few different colourways, and I love the sky and water together.

  65. I ‘m having trouble viewing the new patterns, but was able to yesterday. One of my favorites was the mermaids, I’m not quite sure of the name.Lots of lovely patterns!

  66. The Paisley Abstract got my attention. Even thought it is not something I would normally hook! Outside of my box! Lots of great patterns, Deanne!!

  67. I love dog days at the beach. I live in Ontario but try to come to Nova Scotia every summer to visit and soak up the sea air and beaches. I can just see me and my dog Tia on the beach this coming September. Want to hook this one for sure.

  68. The Owl. Its one of my 2 year old’s fav word. then she says “who-who”. Love the idea of mats for the floor!! that’s what mine are for.

  69. We have been seeing an influx of snowy owls from the Artic, no less, so the new owl pattern really jumped out at me, it would be great fun to hook!

  70. I like Modern Circles, Paisley Abstract and all the mats in the Bloom Round Series..All the patterns are great. These just seem to be the ones that I’d like to work on right now!

  71. Hi Deanne, I love your new mat for by the door. I’m sure I would be walking around it! I love your pattern “create beauty everyday” I have loved it since I received the gift of the canvas project bag. I’ve embellished mine with wool embroidery. I used it as an opportunity to learn some new stitches. It was fun. As much as the design, it is thought I love. Cynthia

  72. Ohhhh those beeeeutiful Blundstones!!!! Now my favorite rug was and continues to be “Standing Together” I live in a small town (Mahone Bay) and the sense of community is extraordinary, this rug reminds me of the “community” of the strong women who are me friends.

  73. I love DOG DAY AT THE BEACH. Living on an island in the US I feel a certain rapport with the lady, Almost a self portrait Great pattern

  74. I think “The Hug” or “Creative Women” would have to be my competing favorites.
    So many loved ones brought to mind by these two.

  75. Deanne
    My favourite is the hug but I also like Bread Gifts, We’re Here, Family, Babe in Arms and Painted Fingernails which has special meaning for me . Lots of new patterns to choose from.

  76. I narrowed it down to four: modern girls sheet wash, dog day at the beach, create, and gardener. Now to pick just one of the four! I guess I’ll go with dog day at the beach because I love my dogs, but all four are my favorite,

  77. Deanne, I just couldn’t pick one because I liked so many. So I picked one on each page LOL The Blue Around Us, Quilts In The Wind, What A Little Moonlight Can Do, Cat In Cherry Tree, and Five Bowls. One of these days I’d love to come back up to Nova Scotia and take another class from you – it was so much fun the summer I was there. Hugs!

  78. Stand together is my favourite. Life alone is just that :alone. Everything is possible when you have favourite people around you. Mountains can be climbed, goals met when you stand together in friendship.

  79. Hi Deanne, I agree with the others, it is so hard to choose. I actually created a list in my first pass looking at them, and came up with 3… so I went back and tried again, only to add two more to the list! In the end, I had a hard time picking between Costal Village and Houses on a Hillside.

  80. Have to choose the curly abstract because I will be able to include my daydream colors of love into it. Hard decision with so many to dream on. lol We live in Florida and look forward to visiting you on day. Thanks so much for your labors of love. Sandie Poe

  81. Coastal Village Trip. It reminds me so much of Newfoundland, and it makes me homesick just looking at it. Love it!

  82. I am fascinated by Gustav Klimt so my choice is Klimt wave. Love lots more but you said to choose one! Love the boots too and the colour!

  83. My personal choice would be the very simple “Create” with the branch running through the “t”. It is a message and reminder for our life to create, whether it be art or to be creative in our communication. It can encourage us to create new ideas and processes at home or work that might make our lives better or easier. It can mean we create positive thoughts and words of encouragement for ourselves. But no matter…we always need to “create”.

  84. I love dory rowing and your ‘Dive off a dory’ makes me think of the joy I get everytime I’m in a dory. I’ve not considered diving off the dory but certainly standing up and going ‘Woo hoo!’.

  85. The Gardener is my pick- I am dreaming of spring and my garden as the snow flies. Thank goodness for tea and seed catalogues!

  86. I love the new pattern – 10 X 14 Bunny. Very cute. Actually they are all nice and my favorite is Dog Day at the beach (which I have waiting already to start). While I’m writing I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your site.u

  87. Hard to choose just one, but it would be On the Hook. I’d like to do it for my son who just took up fishing.

  88. Dog day at the beach, I have fond memories of our dog rushing into the waves at the shore. She LOVED the beach!

  89. Road Trip because that is what we are going to be doing to visit Amherst in the Fall for the NS Fibre Festival :-)))

  90. Why are you making things so difficult? All your patterns are unique and I love them all. If I have to choose one to win those boots it will be Modern Leaf and hoop. I am into modern rugs and people rugs (after taking your People course).

  91. I love “The Blue Around us” so much. It reminds me of being out in the boat off Maberly during the Food Fishery. What joy!

  92. I really like the Creative Women Pattern. It reminds me of the Sussex Tea Room Rug Hookers with whom I meet and create and eat and plan and become inspired.

  93. There are so many patterns that I like, it is hard to choose one, but being a cat lover, I would have to pick the “Fat cat in the circles”. I have hooked a few mats with cats in them but have not had the heart to walk on any of them. I do plan to make one soon that I will actually walk on, after all that is what they were intended for. You have inspired me. Thanks.

  94. Difficult to pick a fave, but I think I’d pick “Making Cookies” or was it “Baking Cookies” because that’s something I do a lot and love to do. And I have a perfect wall to hang a completed rug on the way into my kitchen. Hhhhmmm, now there’s an idea.
    Oh and I already hooked a floor mat for the back door in my kitchen, so I’m right with you on using my rugs. I have 5 rugs on the floors in my house now. 🙂

  95. I think I would have to pick “Quilts in the Wind” as I love quilting as well a rug hooking. I do love alot of the other patterns as well.

  96. My favourite new pattern is Modern Girls Shirt Wash. It reminds me of my childhood as my mom ALWAYS had clothes on the line. With 9 kids, there was always laundry!


  97. I like the circles and squares. I’m a fan of geometrics and I like that they can be used to bring in lots of Color.

  98. It’s a tie for me! Dog Day at the Beach reminds me of my first dog and The Hug makes me smile and want to hug my wonderful kids!

  99. Modern Circles and rolling waves are both wonderful Rolling waves reminds you of moving with the tides gracefully and modern circles allows you have some interpretation. However, the circles are tied to the circle of life ( All my life’s a circle). Great and inspirational patterns!

  100. My favorite is the Owl because we had snowy owls migrate from Canada to Minnesota this winter. It was wonderful seeing their photos in the news: such majestic animals.

  101. I love all your patterns, Deanne! Your book on designing has inspired me, too! I guess if I have to choose, my favorite pattern would be “Standing Together.” But it’s hard to choose just one.

  102. My favorite is On the Straight Triptych. I love the simplicity of this design and have always wanted to hook a triptych. Lovely design.

  103. I choose Little Dancer it would be perfect by the door and it is vintage Deanne with a touch of modern, I like it maybe have to be bigger!

  104. My favourite is “Cat in Cherry Tree”. I love the curvy lines and swirl patterns. I picture rich, red cherries and a smoky grey cat hooked in plaid and solids. Love it!

  105. I love the “quilts in the wind” as it combines my love of quilts with rug hooking… Absolutely stunning!!!

  106. The new patterns are wonderful! I can’t decide on whether my favorite is “Create Beauty Every Day” or “Stand Together”. I love them both, and will probably order one or both when I can. Thanks for your inspiration!

  107. I had a lot of trouble deciding, but really like “The Gardener” because I got my Master Gardener certification just last year, ” Meet You At The Door” because it reminds me of Sunday visiting as a child, and “Coastal Village Triptych”, because it is so typically Deanne -just beautiful. All the chicken mats were fun, too…I started keeping chickens last year also, and built my own chicken coop by hand. That was a real bucket list accomplishment. Maybe I should hook a coop mat…

  108. Creative Women because it reminds me of how blessed I am to have a lovely circle of friends close by that love to create together be it rug hooking or quilting or just about anything and because it tells me that these women are everywhere so no matter where I might go in life, hopefully there will be some of these women there also.

  109. I love these in black & red! So great!!

    All of your new patterns are fabulous, but I think that I would have to choose:

    I live in Long Beach, California with my 2 blond children and 1 black cat in a tiny apartment a couple of blocks from the sea. At night i often stand on my stoop and listen to the freighters blow their horns as they push through the fog off the shore. I like to imagine where they might be going. All those men and women on the decks…

    My living room is cozy with rugs made from your patterns; on the walls live one that my Aunt hooked for me when I got married, one that she hooked when me and the kids found ourselves a trio alone in the city, & a little man rowing his own little dory in his own little time, that I hooked last year. On the table is the umbrella man waiting outside on a rainy night, which I’ve been chipping away as I can.

    They all represent a powerful time and place in our lives, and I think that “Rolling Waves, Abstract” is the next stone in the path (or pebble in the current) as we wait to see what shore we’ll crash onto next.

    Thanks for your steadfast inspiration!

  110. Deanne I love circles in the squares. I could see it done in a hit or miss style with lots of lovely textures in the background, perhaps carrying on the circles and squares motif in a very subtle way.
    I love the boots also – next best thing to red bloodstones – black with red accents – very classy!

  111. Deanne: How can we pick just one!
    I would pick Create Beauty Everyday!!
    I would hang it by my door when I leave the house next to the mirror. To see how wacky my hair looks, or if I have any wooly worms hanging on me. We all create beautiful craft’s. However, I feel your saying Create Beauty is more with our steps/walk in our journey in life: sights and actions.
    Keep up the great works!

  112. Deanne: How can we possible pick one!!
    My choice would be: Create Beauty Everyday!!
    I would hang it by my door so when I leave.Next to a mirror, to see the wacky way my hair looks or to see if wooly worms are hanging on me. We all create beauty not just in craft’s. It’s in how we create walk/steps, Create our thoughts, our sights through the journey of life.

  113. I like modern circles because circles are joined and can represent many different things; faces, hats, or just colorful circles. I also like Two Fish Under the Big Waves. As a therapist working with people who are grieving, waves symbolize the intense emotions they feel and I think a rug like this can help them “ride the waves,” seeing the circles around the waves as bright lights and possibilities for the future. Being a gardener, I also really identify with the Gardener.

  114. I like the bowls, posies and dancers. Great opportunities for colorful projects.

    I have a small circles rug ON THE FLOOR by my bed (see my icon). I put my feet on it at least twice a day and it is so cushy and wonderful underfoot. USE your rugs! You can make more if they wear out!

  115. “Coastal village triptych” is one of my favorites. I’m a recent transplant to a small coastal village and would love to hook this one for my new digs.

  116. i love create beauty everyday… i just ordered that pattern and have just started it in bright reds and lots of blue for background… i am going to hang it in my kitchen to brighten up these winter ontario days…and remind myself to “create beauty everyday” in some way or another.

  117. I like “standing together” because it reminds me of a group of friends coming over for a party on Saturday night

  118. I like “circles in the squares” because the color possibilities are endless & it would be great both as a wall or floor warmer ! 🙂

  119. LOVE “hugs”, “bookish” , and “cat in a chair” cause my daughters and granddaughters and myself all love cats and books and we hug a lot. To put on the floor?? Maybe not– but “in the kitchen on the mat” could work on the floor — we also love to get together for cooking Irish, Italian, Mexican etc.
    These rugs all say family to me.
    Working on mat now with Irish theme that represents one of our more memorable attempts!!

  120. I love babe in arms reminds me so much of my mom, I have to say I love them all! especialy anything with water

  121. My first choice is Dog Day as I have certainly learned much from my doggies over the years. My second choice, is the bunny as this winter has dragged so long in Newfoundland that my thoughts are on Spring.

  122. I love “Moonlight Sheep”! I own sheep and I love them! Also, the rug could be as calm or have as much movement as you like because of all the white space. I also love “Nest”, it screams home to me and I’m all about home right now. I’d love to have this on the wall by my door to greet us when we come home!

  123. I love “Moonlight Sheep”! I own sheep and I love them! Also, the rug could be as calm or have as much movement as you like because of all the white space. I also love “Nest”, it screams home to me, and I’m all about home right now! I’d Love to have this on the wall as we come into the house.

  124. My favorite pattern is coastal village triptych. I love the way it brings you right into the picture. I feel like, if I closed my eyes, I might hear those waves or smell the sea. I can see the tan sands and the grey rocks. Its wonderful.

  125. Oh Deanne – pick a favourite? I think the two that I will hook sometime are Dog in a Comfy Chair (for my husband and his dog and their chair) and Paisly Abstract for the kitchen floor. So many lively patterns!

  126. I like the coastal village triptych- those rugs are some of my favorites of yours. The contrasts of the natural/ organic shapes and colours with the angles of the houses just make them so alive! And I am a firm believer in mats for the floor (and we’re a messy household!)- what luxury in an otherwise simple country home.

  127. I love “The Two Fish Under the Big Waves”. I love the circular lines and busyness of this design. With some very dynamic colours it will be beautiful. Maybe I should give this one a try? 🙂

  128. I think a number of them are terrific! the spruce triptych because it would fit in well in my home. Leaf 40×40 because I love leaves. Floral hooks and Nest would make wonderful pillows. Martini night because it would remind me of the last night spent in Halifax with my sisters in 2010, lots of fun.

    I didn’t see the pattern that you have hooked for your back door and it looks amazing.!

    Cheers to all, you have been having a rough winter so hunkering down with your hooks would make the days pass quicker.

  129. There are so many lovely patterns that it’s difficult to choose, but I would have to say Babe in Arms would be my favourite because it reminds me of my darling grandson Henry. And my second choice would be Crows In The Tree, because crows are just so fascinating and clever.

  130. For a floor mat I really like the Paisley Abstract otherwise I like the little dancers.The apple tree reminds me of my Mothers where we drink tea under the apple tree at her home It becomes a challenge in the fall not to get hit by one She just turned 101 years young

  131. So many to love. If I were hooking a mat for my ‘porch’ I would pick something traditional like ‘Posy Rosy’ or an abstract like ‘Modern Circles 1’ or ‘Rolling Waves Abstract’. Love them. But my absolute favourite is ‘Dog Day at the Beach’ because it brings back precious memories of walking beaches with my beautiful lab Colton. Maybe time to hook that one and remember him.

  132. Costal Village Triptych is the one for me. They are all wonderful and certainly have your sense of play.

  133. Oh… so hard to choose.
    I love the one you have your boots on in the snap shot. That’s the one I want.
    Both the rug and the boots.. Wonder which pattern that is?
    That red boot matches perfectly to the color in your mat.

  134. I have to choose 2 favourites (although even that is difficult) but for different reasons. I like Circular Posy because I’ve already bought it!! It shouts colour and texture to me. The other pattern I really like is Shake the Apples. It reminds me of when I used to visit my grandparents’ when I was a young child. There were 2 apple and 2 pear trees in their backyard and I used to go and shake the tips of the branches to get the apples and pears to fall (I was too short to reach the fruit and I wasn’t allowed to climb the trees). The smell of ripe Macintosh apples and bartlett pears always remind me of my grandparents.
    I love your new rug Deanne. I wouldn’t have the heart to walk on it with outdoor shoes. Bare feet, yes! But I guess I haven’t hooked enough rugs yet.

  135. My favourite is ‘Dog Day At the Beach’ because it reminds me of our daughter, Lauren, and the good times we had with our beloved golden retriever, Bear, on the beach in front of our cottage in Pugwash.

  136. Oh – I have 3 picks:
    Paisley Abstract
    Modern Circles
    These would be great projects to use up all of those leftover worms!
    And you are right – the mats need to “hit the floor by the door”.

  137. My favorite has to be wild star fish. Why? When I saw it I immediately thought of a sea star photo I took at the local tidal pools one summer. When it was developed I noticed he had been gliding along the sand. Something I hadn’t noticed while photographing him. By the way, I love those boots!

  138. “Owl” would be my favorite today. Our two year old grandson loves telling me what the owl says and there is nothing cuter than a 2 year old’s smile while hooting like an owl! I love rugs that trigger a memory – this one will do it!

  139. The rugs are great. I have lots of mats on my floor. That is where most of them go,when hook them.. I think Five Bowls would be fun to hook In some great colors. Also like Snow Fall and Big Comfy Chair.

  140. My favorite is the Nest 12 by 12. It would make a great pillow top and be a year-round reminder of spring.

  141. I recently began hooking and decided that anything I hooked I would be put on the floor. So happy to see you encouraging that, Deanne. I am halfway done a bath mat that is patterned after Kandinsky’s circles. I was surprised to see how many of your new mat patterns had a circle theme. I love them all. In particular, circles in the squares … it represents much of the work I do in regards to using talking circles in rectangular classrooms with students of all ages… a great gift from our aboriginal peoples of this land.

  142. My Number one would be the Costal Village Triptych. Close behind would be Lovers by the Sea! All the patterns are wonderful! Lots to inspire !

  143. My favorite is “11 sheep”, when I first looked at it I did not look at the name and I thought it was a bunch of geese flying in clouds then I realized the geese were the heads of the sheep. It is like 2 completely different pictures.

  144. I really like the Coastal Village Triptych. I like the idea of 3 mats making one whole view. The abstracts are also lovely for playing with colour.

  145. At this very moment, because it’s so bloody cold here in Toronto and going down to a windchill of minus 33 tonight…and because a week from tomorrow I’m meeting three of the most amazing friends anyone could ever have (from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) in Cuba, my favourite is ‘Jump In’ because I look at that pattern and I’m so thankful that that’s what I’m going to be seeing next week!!!

  146. Wild Starfish is a favorite…I would use some “Red Clay” color cause I usually have some sand and clay squeezing between my toes after a swim or walk on the beach!

  147. My favourite is dog day at the beach. It reminds me of me and my golden retriever Elwood at the beach in front of our home. Very happy place 🙂

  148. I love the “Apple Harvest ” design. Not only would it be fun to hook with lots of different ways to interpret the background and room for creativity with patterns and colours in the clothing it was also a favorite Fall activity for my family.

  149. I think my top pick is the small pattern called “Irises”. Would love to see that hooked! Also I liked Mother and Daughter with Roses. A mat by the door……good idea!

  150. I just counted and I have 5 “floor Mats,” they warm the house so much, love them. I also have several hung, a center piece for table. One I have in front of a love seat and it has been there for at least 10 years, still looks like new, so I love the idea. My fav pattern is “Five Bowls” because I am a potter as well as a hooker and have never hooked anything with a dish theme. ps if you cringe at the thought of putting your beautiful rug on the floor start off with low traffic areas.

  151. can’t pick just one!! really enjoy seeing your large flowers that fill the backing. Curly abstracts is a fun geo/floral combo and corner flowers would be a great kitchen mat!

  152. It was between “2 fish under the waves” OR “Creative Women”– I chose “Creative women”—It reminds me of a small group I’m a part of, I think it would be fun to hook, personalizing the women, and I especially liked how they’re extending themselves and reaching for it.

  153. Wow- so hard to choose a favorite… I had like 17 favorites!!! But if I had to pick just one I think it would be the women holding up the CREATE letters. I like the message in this one and it’s so original. I also loved the chicken ones, cat ones, nest, sheep, bunny, fiddle, modern girls wash and I also really liked “we’re here”. So inspiring! I love how simple your lines are in your drawings. Gives people freedom to hook in their own details and make the mats their own. I had a little trouble with the site but blamed it on my own computer until I just saw lots of other people had trouble too.

  154. I love Dog Day at the Beach…this is what I envision life will be when I get to retire home. I’ll adopt a rescue dog at the pound, and spend my days wandering the beach in search of the perfect piece of beach glass…I’ll have to add this to my shopping list when I come get my Cheticamp frame!

  155. I’m really onto the idea of hooking floor mats – just completed a 2’x3” patchwork style one and will begin one with a green background with circles and paisley shapes for my granddaughter. I’m thinking, though, that the “Wild Starfish” pattern from your new patterns would be very fun done in a mat for the floor. I’m from the westcoast and spend time in the Gulf Islands, love the ocean life there as well as on the eastcoast where our son and family live. Please enter me on the Blundstones draw!

  156. So many good patterns that it’s hard to choose, but I think my favourite would be little dancers because it reminds me of the little stepdancing feet and the energetic fiddle music that goes with it. (I will be coming to Springhill on Apr. 26th to play some of that music – see – and I hope to make a sidetrip to your shop).

  157. Abstract Waves (page one) would be the one I would choose right now. I miss my Maritimes and making this as a floor mat would allow me to dip my feet in the ocean that I miss so much..
    I have never put a mat on the floor but you got me thinking and a nice cushy mat where i can rest my feet when I am hooking/knitting at my favourite chair has to be…as long as the pup does not take to chewing gods!

  158. Sunday Drive! It takes me back to days when as a child, we journeyed out for a sunday drive as a family. I can see all kinds of memories hooked into the vista.

  159. Dog day at the beach………..I can’t imagine anything more perfect that me and my boy on the beach! Now I can’t wait for summer at the cottage for it to happen again!

  160. I love Modern Circles as I LOVE circles and I think it would be the only pattern I could make look nice LOL Awesome patterns!

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