Sundae Sunday

Last Sunday after visiting my four month old friend Charlotte, I headed to the dairy queen and bought a large caramel Sundae with spanish peanuts. I was just so excited to go home with it. Once lately I went in to the rink and my friend John Rossong had just got himself a pepsi and rink fries. He was so happy. He saw Robert and I and put his fries on the outside of the boards to wave us over and have a fry. All of a sudden a hockey player hit the boards and his fries spilled. His face fell, no one scored and the fries were all over the floor.

On my way home with the sundae I felt almost protective, thinking, what if I am like John of the fries and slip on the ice and spill my sundae before I get it home. I coddled it, nested it in the cup holder and drove slowly.I felt very protective of it.  Then I savoured it. My daughter was home. I offered her half but she was eating popcorn so I had the whole big thing to myself. I had the whole big thing to myself…hear me singing now.

I came in the door to see my new plant that was donated by Buds to Blossoms at a benefit held for a community member this weekend. It is all succulents ( kinda like my sundae…it was succulent).

And then I went upstairs and hooked an owl….woot woot….

A Sundae Sunday ….what a hoot

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6 thoughts on “Sundae Sunday

  1. This summer I went with my daughter and the grandkids to The Purple Cow, a hamburger and ice cream place (they have purple vanilla ice cream too), and had a banana split for lunch! It was SO good! As soon as the weather warms up, I’m going to do it again!


  2. DQ caramel sundaes are the best!! During the summer we go there on hot summer nights after the boys’ baseball games. Can’t get myself to there in -15 weather though.


  3. You know I have never had a DQ sundae, I always get the chocolate dipped cone – once a year, but I think i will try a sundae next sunday. Lovely story.. i would have nursed that sundae too!


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