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We have had lots of people join and I am excited about the idea that all across North America there will be people getting inspired each month by our mystery pattern club.. Each month I will create a unique pattern on linen inspired by what I am working on or  from one of my original rugs. We’ll send you a new pattern each month. If you like we can also send you a bundle of wool that will be designed for hooking the pattern. Each month it is a new inspiration and it is always a mystery

Join the pattern of the Month Club

Join the Bundle of the Month Club

Take the year to create beauty everyday and join our  pattern of the month club.

$34 each month will deliver a new inspired pattern to your mailbox.

As I hook away on my own designs I will take time each month to create a unique and beautiful pattern for the club.

Each month you will be sent a  pattern on linen (15 by 15 inch or equivalent, each month we’ll have a new size and shape) that is inspired by what I am currently hooking, or by one of my original designs.

Imagine receiving a new hand drawn pattern every month in your mailbox. Imagine the fun that would be.

All you have to do is hook it from the  stash of wool you already have on hand,

or you can opt into our coordinating wool bundle of the month to hook your pattern.

Think of having these hooked designs ready for gift giving, to create pillows, to frame as art for your walls.

Join the club, and receive special club membership bonuses and treats.

You can also add our Bundle of the Month Club so that you will get a special bundle designed each month to go with your pattern.

We will charge your credit card each month.  You can opt out anytime, just call or email to let us know before the 15th day of the month.  We will send out the Mystery Pattern Packages on the last day of the month.

Join our Mystery Bundle of the Month Club and receive a new bundle of wool each month that coordinates with our Mystery Pattern Club. Each month we will build a beautiful inspired bundle of wool using our best and most interesting wools.

Each month you will receive a coordinated bundle of wool for $49.95 (regularly $54.95).

We will charge your credit card each month.  You can opt out anytime, just call or email to let us know before the 15th day of the month.  We will send out the Mystery Wool Bundle Packages on the last day of the month.

Build your stash of wool over the whole year with our beautiful cordinated bundles that are inspired by the creativity around the studio, and a new pattern design each month.

Our large bundles have a combination of wool cloth, fleece and yarn that are guarenteed to create a great colour plan for any pattern you decide to use it on. The bundles will be inspired by nature, the seasons, and whatever interesting pattern of the month that Deanne creates.

Imagine building your stash a bundle at a time over a year. Seeing it grow so that you always have the right colours and textures at your fingertips.

Our regular shipping charges apply .

You can also join our Pattern of the Month Club, where we will create a pattern to go with your wool bundle.

Keep in mind, the Mystery Bundles will contain different colours than the bundle pictured here.

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  1. I am so excited about this new way to receive more of your great patterns !!! I have always thought of your work as more than just filling in the lines with wool. the way I see your work is equally spiritual, inspiring and comforting even more than technically beautiful. Thanks for all you are and do. Susan


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