Maritime Mary: “Do you hook?”

When working at the studio on Tuesdays, I’m frequently asked, “Do you hook?” The answer is, “Yes!” There is usually something on my frame or something being framed in my mind. Occasionally I join the Thursday Hook-In here in the studio but for the most part, I hook when I’m at home, watching TV, listening to music, watching the world from my sun porch, when I’m alone. I keep company with my hook.

I love how a very simple repetitive action allows beautiful colours and fibres to mix and blend, how ideas develop as a project grows. For me, hooking is a peaceful and stimulating activity.

About fifteen years ago I dropped into Deanne’s home where her shop was located. Within minutes she had me pulling loops through burlap backing. I went home with a kit, finished it in two days and I was literally, hooked. I bought a hook that day, a lovely hand turned one and to date, it’s been the only one I have owned.

And each Tuesday when I walk into the studio, I check out the wool cloth, the newly dyed colours, the new textures. Plans begin to formulate again. Ideas seem to be endless. Bliss!






One thought on “Maritime Mary: “Do you hook?”

  1. You hooked me after a few sentences. lol How restful to a soul to simply read your words. Thank you for this word picture.


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