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It was time. I have thought about it for a year. Mostly I have been using my phone camera for all my shots. It so easy, but the truth I really wanted clearer crisper shots and something small that fit into my purse. On Saturday I went to Carsand Mosher and learned that you can have a wireless camera. So I bought a new camera that is every bit as good as my big SLR that is always at the studio, and this one can fit in my pocket. I bought it mostly for the blog because you readers are important to me and I want you to know it. This Sunday I even went online and read the manual. Not much point in having all those capabilities if you don’t know how to use them.

So I took these shots of the empty nest, and of course you know what I thought about as I did. Mine is not quite empty yet. There is still lots of comings and goings here but it is far quieter than it used to be. Now when parents pick up their kids they text them from the car. No more standing at the door talking for half an hour. Those were some great visits really. We still get some of that. Our friend John Rossong picked up his daughter Emily ( she works at my studio) the other night and he came in for a ten o’clock cup of tea. We ate a pack of cookies and some really good Dutchman Gouda cheese (Old Growler) and we sat at the kitchen table and just visited.  I’ll miss those pick ups and drop offs when my daughter goes to university. It’ll have to be more purposeful, our visits. We’ll just have to go. I have a half dozen people that I am comfortable dropping in on for a cup of tea. There are lots more I am sure that would welcome me but it feels a little awkward sometimes to take that step to visit someone.

I guess I need people at my kitchen table. I just like the feel of it. The tea. The toast. The whatever you got in the fridge. The talk. It all makes up my nest here. It makes my perch more comfortable, and it fills the nest.

IMG_0052 IMG_0053 IMG_0046 IMG_0047 IMG_0048 IMG_0051

8 thoughts on “my nest

  1. Life is one big transition – we change and grow (or not!) as the earth spins and time passes. That is a really big thought, so I comfort myself with ‘carpe diem’ – live for the day! Enjoy those people that drop in for tea – they still will, but for different reasons. And your children will always be happy to come home for mothering and tea.


  2. Oh, I clicked on these to enlarge and, yes, so crisp!
    Love those soft neutrals; tangles of cool grey-green with warmer pinkish sprigs, and that beautifully crafted nest – not empty at all, is it. It’s full of energy, every strand gathered and placed just so; even in its vacated state, a vessel for our musings. Thanks.


  3. Lovely photos Deanne.
    Your 2 other nests (your studio and the upcoming women’s clothing store) will still be hopping with visitors sharing tea and treats. You might even look forward to those quiet times in the home nest after busy days!


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