Catherine Bussiere: flipping the pages of the dictionary

once in a while
for fun
for lack of inspiration
or for advice
we flip the pages of the dictionary
and get a word

it’s surprising what it tells you sometime

recently my husband did just that
the word he got was: complaining
now I kinda hope he’s not reading my blog this week but
he has been complaining lately
of course it made me smile
to be fair though, maybe he needed to complain a little

my blog this morning was already started
the tittle, monotone, was inspired by the morning scenery
the blog wasn’t really going anywhere
I was getting bored with it
even though it is so pretty outside

so I flipped the pages of the dictionary and my finger landed on…
well, it landed under “on” and more specifically under “on and on”

what does that mean?
does it relate to my husband and the complaining
that would have been too easy

I looked back at the dictionary
it said
on and on: at great length, so as to become tiresome
is it my blog
my monotone first draft I did not know what to do with
is it a response to it
monotone does have two on

I know what you’re thinking
I’m over thinking this
True, but hey, still is fun
I was stuck in monotone and now my mind is going “on and on”

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