wine and wool on a Friday afternoon




A few months ago Katherine from the Fleece Artist said she would like to come and have a wine and wool tasting. She is a beautiful wool dyer and we have carried her yarns for years. I love her yarns for hooking rugs and now for knitting.

Wool tasting? Sounds fuzzy to me. But in my last post I was talking about the importance of curiosity so this afternoon I am waiting for the fleece artist’s arrival. I got the cheesecakes, some snacks, and the wine. Katherine is about to arrive with the wool.

How do we do it ? Everyone has been asking.

My answer? I have not got a clue.

I am just sitting here waiting with the wine and the cheesecakes, wondering how it’s done.

Happy to be a participant, and make a nice January afternoon, a little nicer.

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4 thoughts on “wine and wool on a Friday afternoon

  1. What a pleasant way to end the week! Sounds like fun. Wish I could have been there! The chocolate cheesecakes look devine — bet they were wonderful with a glass of red wine.


  2. Sounds like a lovely way to spend some time on a Friday:) I so wish I was closer and could have come for a visit… time I’m home to NS 🙂


  3. We should do this again!!! What a lovely two hours with wool for knitting, hooking, crocheting, etc!!!! I love Fleece Artist yarns!!!!


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