curiosity never really killed the cat it just made her life more interesting

I am reading a book about idea spotting. It is ironic that I am reading it for the third time. It was published in 2006. Is it just me or does that seem old? I actually found the word walkman in there today. Are we more time sensitive then ever now ? How will anything get to be a classic?

Once I read an article by Sarah Ban Breathnach who wrote all those daily comfort book for women in the early nineties …we all had one or two. They were actually quite good. One day she was cleaning out her books and papers and her niece suggested they get rid of it all. . She said she could not purge this stuff because it had been the inspiration for her books. Her niece said that she should think about how happy her readers would be if she got all new inspiration. That story stuck with me. So often we return to what we know of more inspiration. If what we now is static and unchanging then the only really way we can new inspiration there is if we change ourselves.

Personally I have always been searching for new ideas. I still do. Sometimes I go to the old books in my studio, sometimes I seek out the new books for new ideas. The truth is though once you have read a lot new ideas become harder to find. Once you have seen a lot, read a lot, it is harder to be surprised. One of my sisters ( I have six you know) told me the years ago. She was about forty and I was twenty three. Now that I have had twenty five more years of reading and collecting ideas I better understand that.

Still though I refuse to settle or to believe that the world is not full of new ideas, or at least old ideas brought forward and reinvented. People are always reinventing themselves, especially today. People change jobs , hobbies, houses these days like never before. We are explorers. I am always meeting new people. I still make new friends. I still come to see old friends in new ways.

Curiosity is so important to me. I would have to say it is one of the things I like about myself and one of the things that frustrates me. It means that I am often looking for something new to inspire me. After all these years I just accept it about myself. I’ll find myself feeling slightly unsettled and I can feel this little motor in my mind starting to rev. The engine just turns over and over and then finally something sparks and it starts running.

If you had to ask me a year ago would I open a knitting shop or a woman’s clothing store I would have told you, I have no intention of it. Intentions just spring upon me sometimes and somehow they collide and settle into something. They usually happen because of the other people in my life. My husband is in the clothing business, Brenda and Megan who work with me are big knitters. I just am that kinda person. I need to feel inspired, to feel busy, to be with people, to create. I need to satisfy my curiosity. I think there are lots like me , we just find different ways of doing it.

Brenda just came in here, she spend the weekend making books. She made the most beautiful book of intentions. I thought to myself, my , how hard that would be to fill, let alone how hard it would be to make.  She made these books because she explores ideas. She loves to make things by hand. She knows the value of trying something new. She is an explorer.

We are all explorers in one way or another. We seek out the beautiful in the new, whether it is an idea or something we can hold in our hands. Our natural curiosity means we seek….we look and hopefully we find.


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6 thoughts on “curiosity never really killed the cat it just made her life more interesting

  1. Excellent post Deanne – especially poignant as we begin 2014. Have a Happy New Year everyone – full of creativity and new ideas. Keep your options open!


  2. Excellent message today…and Brenda’s book is so lovely…such a special gift she has…we all have gifts…I will explore more…C


  3. Deanne, I thoroughly enjoyed today’s post. As I get older it is sometimes easier for me to look for inspiration in the same places I have always gone to, but at the same time invigorating to seek inspiration in a new place. I, too, have always been curious and I feel that maybe I shall use my curiosity to try something new before attempting my next project. I truly need to do something as I feel I have been stuck on HOLD much too long . By the way, Brenda’s books look beautiful. I definitely would like to try that. Thank-you, Deanne


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