Only Two More Days to Register for Hooking People Online Course and Check out our New Studio Clubs!

This winter we are Hooking People. Make the winter go by as you learn to hook people in your rugs. The course will focus on hooking faces, portraiture, movement , clothing and all the important aspects of making your people rugs beautiful and interesting. I participate daily in the course, answering your questions and responding to the pictures you upload. The online courses are an excellent way to learn in your own home , at your own convenience. The course is five weeks long, but we leave it up for ten weeks . You can do it at your own pace.

Join me for Hooking People Online Course. Register Here.

Purchase the Hooking People Supplies Pack

We have also started two new Monthly Clubs. I am really excited about these

because they are based on the new work I am creating!

Our Mystery Pattern of the Month Club

Our Bundle of the Month Club

It works like this. You sign up online or by calling us at 1-800-328-7756 and we enroll you. Each month you will receive a new pattern inspired by what I am creating that month, and if you like we’ll send you a wool bundle to go with it.

If you want you can enrol for just the wool bundle if you like to create your own designs.

Join us for Monthly inspiration and create beauty everyday…

IMG_1965 standingmonument 2

2 thoughts on “Only Two More Days to Register for Hooking People Online Course and Check out our New Studio Clubs!

  1. I did a happy dance on Monday! The hooking faces materials I ordered just before Christmas arrived in the mail, along with a pretty, wrapped gift! I live in the western U.S., so it takes time! I can’t wait to get started with the Hooking Faces online class and the gift, well it included three patterns for more projects! Woohoo! I decided I’d better finish a project I ordered through Deanne many, many years ago before I start class next week and for some reason that sense of absorption I was seeking (and didn’t find) when I first started hooking kicked in! I am sure it helps that my children are now, for the most part, self-sufficient! I am so excited to take this class. I’ve been interested in rug hooking for a long time, but Deanne’s designs, and especially her people, encouraged me to pick up a hook. Thank you, thank you for the gift! It was an unexpected and very appreciated addition to my order.


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