Catherine Bussiere: January thaw

I am lacking inspiration this morning
I went for a walk without my camera
it’s all grey with melted snow out there
the muddy look of spring
tiny bit of rain too
my camera didn’t want to bother with the outdoors

I looked inside
nothing inspiring
nothing catching my eye
I thought I’d look in my photo library and recycle some images
I have plenty you’ve never seen
but that’s cheating
must try
get my sleepy camera out
shake myself
look around

going down the stairs I saw my rosemary plant and it’s reflexion in the window
there might be something there
I clicked a few and buzzed around the kitchen

I didn’t do much but still, I played with what I had
sometimes you have to push yourself
even if it’s just a little
like a stretch or a walk
don’t skip
that’s what I’m telling myself anyway
I know better
If I start skipping I’m done for
could be skipping for days

turns out I’m happy with a couple of my images
I edited them a bit too
cropped some and added contrast
but I won’t push it
it’s enough for today

the sky is grey
a distant wind periodically breaks the silence
the melting snow is reveling more and more patches of flatten green grass
Let’s turn the radio on and make a stew








One thought on “Catherine Bussiere: January thaw

  1. Your pictures are always so beautiful. I love rosemary in bloom – haven’t seen that in person in a long while, but your picture is the next best thing!


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