Do you have a favorite colour?


Sage Green is a winter colour. I’d like to say it is my favorite colour, shades of it, but , it is only my favorite colour right now in this moment. I love it because it is January soothing. It is warm. It is the first colour I see when I walk in my door at home.

I have a sage green camel back sofa that I bought eighteen years ago. I still like it. It still looks good to me. I change the pillows on it every few years but essentially I still like it. Every once in a while I imagine cream sofas but the feeling goes away. I am a sofa dreamer. I like couches. I like to think it is because I like to sit on them but really I am attracted to patterns, fabric, colour and sofas are covered in them. This one has managed to last. It has been in four different rooms in the house  and now it greets me as I walk in, a sage green welcome.

So if I tell you sage green is my favorite colour I ‘d have to lie because as much as I like it when I walk in the door, I am attracted to something else when I walk out the door. As a child I could name a favorite colour with certainty. This year it is purple, next year it would be green. Now I am smitten with so many shades I could never choose, not even for a season. I’ll find myself drawn towards certain shades for a while and then all of a sudden I am pulled towards something else. I love the jewels tones they get me excited. I love the neutrals, they soothe me. When it comes to colour I am all over the place.

Every colour is beautiful. I guess for me  there is no deciding anymore. I know I am effected by trends in the market place to some degree but now there is hardly a shade I do not like. I do notice in clothing, or furniture we are really limited by the trends because the colour is dictated by fashion. In knitting and rug hooking you can always source out or dye new colours which is refreshing. There are still colour trends in craft that usually follow the marketplace but there is less of it.

So right now at this very moment if you asked me my favorite colour I might say sage green. If you asked me tomorrow…I am not sure what I would say. Are you the same or do you have a favorite colour?

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7 thoughts on “Do you have a favorite colour?

  1. I decided when I was thirteen that I wanted to be the kind of person whose favorite color was red. And it worked. To this day, when I say, “Ooh, look at that. I love it,” my husband replies, “Yes, sweetheart, I know. It’s red.”


  2. I’m the same… I do love sage green and other “country” shades of blues, yellows and reds. A lot might be influenced by what I’m weaving, knitting or rug hooking at the time as well. I guess I’m a little fickle that way. I think overall I just love color……..there’s just so much possibility in each one. The colors I choose to live with…..neutrals, greens, a merlot/cranberry color on the wall with my fireplace. All very soothing and comforting to me. The color I wear the most and love – black…because I can pair a colorful scarf or sweater and feel great! When I was a child……….my favorite color was blue, hands down and for years it was the same 🙂


  3. I jump all over the place with color too! I love quiet neutrals on walls, but I like bursts of color in fabric patterns, rugs, dishes. I love white and ivory cream dishes, but the rainbow of fiestaware really appeals to me too!
    The current trend is gray walls- I am seeing it everywhere on design blogs, but I know myself too well. The dreary gray of winter affects my mood, and anything that sucks the light from a room would drag me down. I am planning to do some painting soon – creamy whites on walls, a soft butter, eggnog color- perhaps a soft aqua in my bathroom, and I am even considering a chalky gray for an old worn secretary desk with bookcase that begs for a change. I am thinking a persimmon shade for the interior of the shelves behind the glass doors of the secretary would look great! I love gray for cashmere sweaters with silver jewelry, gray painted chests and other furniture pieces, and even my car is metallic charcoal—but not on my walls! Color is powerful!


  4. I am the same as you although i saw a red leather couch that made my mouth water when i saw it. To this day I wished i had bought it Kathy Smith


  5. This is so funny. The other night I was sitting around with my husband and grown kids and we were asking each other questions that children ask each other with such gravity. One question was, what’s your favourite colour. When it was my turn to answer I just couldn’t–the decision was just too big! 🙂


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