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I am sitting here by the fire as I write this. I am cozy, just hooked most of the afternoon on my large interior rug. It has a lot of red in it. I have so much wool up there in my house studio, yet I was short on colours. I think my palette has changed a bit because there are certain colours up there that I never go near. I seem to like more intense colours lately. I think I need to clean it out and bring in the new wool for the new year. I have noticed that certain shelves remain untouched, while others are pillaged repeatedly. It seems my reds, corals, and golds are taking a beating. Royal blue is nearly worn out, and strong greens have been severely weakened. I might as well give into it and remove the pales for now and bring in the strongs. These are the colours my hook seems to want.

The rug I am making now holds so much promise, yet experience has shown me that it could be a dud. You just never know. You do your best, choose the best wools, sit with your hook and invest the time. Sometimes you are really happy, sometimes, it’s okay. and sometimes you surprise yourself ands you feel like you cannot believe you made that. That is the hope I guess, that you won’t believe you made it. Today, sitting there, I was just happy to hold the hook in my hands, to be home with the warm fire underneath me. I hook in a room above our wood stove, I did not have a fire under my chair. The afternoon flew by because that hook was at home in my hands.

Earlier today I dropped in the studio to wrap some presents for the orders. While I was there I was able to help a woman pick out the colours for two rugs that she had designed. Her friend who was with her convinced  her to buy a cheticamp frame. I was so happy to see her go off with it because I knew it was going to be so much easier for her to hook those two rugs. I remember when I bought mine, twenty two years ago, and sitting underneath the window in my front room and hooking on it. It felt a bit magical not to be balancing my rug on my knees. It feels good to think some one is going to experience that same thing.k out wool for their projects, proably one of my faro

It is so much fun to help people pick out wool for their projects, probably one of my favorite jobs in the studio. Today we mixed yarn and cloth.  Mixing them gives you so much more opportunity for colour.

DSC_0030 DSC_0043 DSC_0045

6 thoughts on “belief in the making

  1. Hi Deanne. I think one of the rugs I just finished is a dud, but I am going to put it aside for a bit and let it simmer. The other rug I just finished I had moments of wanting to throw it out, but now I’m so happy with it. I’m going to try this year to hook only for pleasure, not to please others or to hook a certain project because I need it for something specific. That was your challenge to us at the Fibre Festival so I’m going to give it a try.
    Happy New Year!


  2. Deanne, I have thought of the cheticamp frame, but one thing that holds me back is the width of the frame. Backing comes in 60 inch widths. So I need to cut off some backing for it to fit?


  3. So happy you took time off to stay home and hook, you deserve a rest. Years ago in the 1970’s i started to hook, In the 1980’s I gave it up for knitting and other things. 2008 I got back into hooking, discovered your style and now I am back full time. Unfortunately i have boxes of delicious knitting yarn, and just can’t part with it. Some I can use in hooking, most I can’t. I wiah there were more hours in the day, to knit, hook, knit hook!!


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