Hook, knit, knit, hook,

Last night I finished my blanket. I wanted to leave it at home to cuddle with but thought I should bring it into the knitting room. Actually I had it all decked out on my couch i the front room and my husband said I should bring it in. Once I got here Lorna was cold so now she is wearing it while she does her work. I am shivering in the other ofice. Just kidding, she is always cold. I like it cool.
Last night I taught my friend how to knit. This morning she said she cannot put it down. I have to admit this knitting thing is a bit addictive. I can dometimes knit a ball of gleece artist yarn a night.As is the hooking thing! I started three rugs the other day. All interior scenes, two to be framed like my poppies are framed.
I am having a little trouble with the background colour for the table on the bigger one. I will have to hook in a few choices and then decide. I wanted brown but it looks so flat when I put it in. I then tried roses and it is dull. My solution is just to keep hooking the elements on the table and the background will determine itself. It was a stormy day today and I was tempted to stay in and hook but your orders are here waiting to be filled so I will wait until tonight to hook.

We have been getting some long time knitters into hooking this winter. It never occurred to me that would happen When I opened the knotting room but it has been fun to see. I love the wsy the knitting room adds a new dimension to our space here. It also brings in many new people to my studio.

Megan thinks we should be making lots of floor rugs this year and I tend to agree with her. I love the idea of making back door snd kitchen sink mats again. How about dome hooked carpets forbour living rooms? Wouldn’t they be marvelous?

I am getting used to the new blog format. I hope you find it easy to use. It might take us a bit to get our guest writers up again but I have started working on that already. Change is constant, that we know for sure. There is no point trying to avoid it, thoughh I do thst sometimes, we might as well just roll along.

Thanks for all your orders, keep them coming! We are packing presents in all orders until Jan 7.




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  1. I’ve just picked up a patch work floor mat I began hooking about a year ago and have enjoyed working on it, thinking of the feel of it under my feet.


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