Let’s talk Turkey…we are still wrapping presents to send to you

I still love presents.

I love giving them.

I love receiving them.

Especially little surprises.

This week until December 31 we are wrapping presents to go in all our orders over $50.

We are wrapping two presents for all orders over $100

and we are wrapping three presents for all orders over $200.

I just spent the morning wrapping presents for all the orders that came in yesterday. It is so much fun.

Notice the boots I got for Christmas…New Black Blundstones with red trim.

Keep your eye on the blog , we’ll be having a contest really soon and you can win a pair like these ones I got for Christmas,

Yes…the were a surprise.

So order this week and we’ll include a nice little surprise for you, or maybe two, or three. They’ll be wrapped! They’ll be sweet.

Order online or call us at 1 800 328 7756







10 thoughts on “Let’s talk Turkey…we are still wrapping presents to send to you

  1. This made my day with the darn rain pouring down. Looking forward to my order to give me a kick start back hooking . After the decorations are down things look empty. So onto the things I love to do and a new year!


  2. What great looking boots Deanne. I bet they look fantastic with your red parka — that was also a great picture of you!!


  3. You are too funny and too generous and LOVE the boots! Does signing up for your Jan 20 on-line course by end of year get you a gift???? ;^)


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