New Poppies and News

Dear Diary,

First of all I wanted to show you my new Poppies Rug. I framed them both and hung them in my office.  I just like to look at them.

Christmas has always given me time to pause. I am fortunate that way. When I was a student there was a break.  As an artist for years I took December off to be around the house with the kids. Now with the studio downtown, December is not our busy month . We are steady and for that I am grateful.

Advent, the preparation for Christmas has always been a time for me to get ready. I buy or make gifts for about twenty people. Mostly all my shopping is done locally or from independent shops or crafts people.  It is always a pleasure. Now that the kids are big I never seem to have to go to the mall. I love the shopping, often buying things because they are beautiful and then sometimes finding the right person for them.

I don’t bake much, just as we need it and eat it. I cook lots, but truthfully I cook a lot all the time. We like good food.

My house gets messy. Yesterday I tried twice to make sweet and salty popcorn. Both times were a failure. On the third attempt I went to Sobey’s and bought a bag. There are bits of everything everywhere. I give it a lick and a prayer, but honestly I am a terrible housekeeper. I cannot even make a bed nicely. This morning I poured my rice crisps and needed a broom afterward to sweep the floor.  Tonight I’ll empty all the garbage cans, wipe down a couple of tables, wash the bathroom sink and then tell myself I cleaned the house.

This year has slowed everyone down some because of the storms last week. We had three storms this week so many of us stayed in and cooked and wrapped. We had reason to stay  home. The roads were bad.

I always get a day or so where I feel a little frantic, and that is the day I usually finish everything up. Wrap. Go to Canadian Tire. Wrap. Ready regardless. That day was last Thursday.

We get a fresh turkey locally. My sisters will bring the vegetables. My sister in, law the dessert. I’ll cook the turkey. We’ll scramble all fifteen of us together at a table somehow and it will be grand. I have homemade cranberry sauce from the  church and this year I’ll make the stuffing and gravy. I plan to cheat on my gravy by buying a mix. When I am at my friends and I say “good gravy”, they tell me they use a packet. I am going to join them. My gravy is always thin, light and runny.

So far this post, you learned two of my weaknesses, messy house keeper, thin gravy. There are more. It is a post of it’s own.

and the news….

Christmas next year might be different though because my husband and I are opening a women’s wear store across the street from his men’s wear store. We plan to have a beautiful store with nice quality, moderately priced women’s wear, similar to his men’s wear store. We believe our downtown needs a store like that so we decided this fall that this spring we would start on it .  I will tell you more about it later. But there’s the news our downtown will be growing .



17 thoughts on “New Poppies and News

  1. I love everything about these poppy rugs.. Would you consider them to be part of your new direction you are taking with Simplicity and Abstract as a theme. Just taking the one subject – poppies and exploring their colour in all its glory..gosh so many vibrant reds offset with the neutral background.. and just a hint of it!
    wonderful news on the women’s wear store.. what fun that will be.
    Sounds like you had a fun Christmas filled with family togetherness and lots of laughs! All the best for 2014 and much success in your new venture..


  2. The poppy rugs are beautiful Deanne.
    What exciting news about the new women’s clothing store.
    We were without power for approximately 48 hours from the 22nd-24th. We ate a lot of leftovers for 2 days to clear out the fridge. Showered at work and kept the house manageably warm with our small fireplace. I even managed to finish a rug for my mother-in-law using a camping headlamp and candlelight the night of the 23rd! The women at Michael’s took pity on me and framed the rug in the custom framing department in less than an hour mid-afternoon yesterday (24th). My in-laws came yesterday for dinner. My mother-in-law loved the rug. It is a 16×20 image of the barn on her childhood farm. I’ll send you a picture in a few days.
    I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!


  3. You should carry some large size clothes I am so sick of not finding clothes to wear that look nice.Not that I will frequent your shop often because well you know where I live but just the same I am not the only 2x on the planet Merry Christmas Deanne I just love the rug you are hooking for your front door.I am hooking one this Olympic season as well.Kathy


  4. Holy cow! You just slipped that women’s store news in there at the end of this lovely post. Wish I were close enough to shop there, knowing how nice the stock is at Mansour’s.

    Beautiful, striking poppies. How did you frame them, please?


  5. Love your description of your house at Christmas Deanne. Sounds very familiar. 🙂 Hope you have a very Merry Christmas.


  6. Your poppies are big, bold, and beautiful.Poppies are my favourite. Women’s clothing store Wow!!! Now we won’t have to go too far when we visit a workshop. Shopping will be right next door, so to speak.There certainly isn’t a Men’s quality clothing store to compare with your husbands. I await with great enthusiasm for more news on this latest undertaking, it will be a great success.


  7. I am so pleased to read about the women’s clothing store. I love going to Amherst, visiting Dayles, your rug shop, Frenchies and Duncan’s Pub. Now I will have another stop to make. Hopefully you will be able to have clothes that are made from natural fibers and not like most other stores that only seem to have polyester or rayon.


  8. deanne, your poppies are awesome!!!
    they are so bright and cheery… sounds like a lovely christmas to me…


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