Catherine Bussiere: ice storm

ice storm
three days before Christmas
a bowl of walnuts and a basket of pears
a daughter painting presents
a son helping his dad prettying the living room
an old cookbook found with time treasures
the beauty of handwriting

ice storm
more cooking to be done
maybe biscottis today
my cat sticking his tong out
he doesn’t know about biscottis

ice storm
the privilege to not go anywhere
have a wood stove
and candles
just in case

ice storm
the mix sound of the radio downstairs
the crazy french music coming out of my daughters iPad
the ice pellets hitting the tin roof

bundle up
add a stick in the fire
and look up some biscotti recipe












7 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: ice storm

  1. I just got a chance to catch up on the blog this morning. I loved this post and yesterday a friend enclosed a brief poem that spoke to me also and seemed to relate to this topic. Perhaps you would enjoy it too:
    Winter is the best
    to find out who
    you are.

    away from the
    rushing world,

    cold time, dark
    time, holed up
    pulled-in time
    and space

    to see that inner
    that place hidden
    and within.

    David Budbill


  2. Thrilled you mentioned the beautiful penmanship in the old cookbooks. A comfort memory! 😉 Sometimes it is difficult to maintain a “stop and smell the roses” kind of pace. The blog helps us a great deal. Community is a wonderful place to rest. Very handsome kitty, indeed! 😉


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