Fresh for the tree

Today it stormed here. I decided to go to work anyway. It was quiet but I was glad we were there for those that ce out in the weather.
When Harry the printer dropped down I suggested we take a walk to the new flower shop downtown so that I coild get some fresh baby’s breath for my tree. Donna who owns the store had suggested it when I said I wanted a natural tree this year. For just $28 I got baby’s breath, eucalyptus and salal to decorate the tree and I love the simplicity of it. I did not bother to take out the old ornaments, just my creche.
I had just put the lights on it but then I decided that it needed a little finishing. I feel quite proud of it.

After braving the weather ourselves I came back to work on the new abstract online course that I am writing for you for this winter. I spent all afternoon loading videos and pictures. It will be exciting to hear what you think of it. I should have it ready and up for early January.

Then to come home there was lots of shovelling. My son and I got stuck and then we helped another woman who hot stuck. Then we had to shovel to pull in our own driveway. The snow is deep here. We must have had about twenty centimetres.

I got home, carried in the wood , fed my children, decorated the tree, made tea, now it is time to sit.




12 thoughts on “Fresh for the tree

  1. I love the natural beauty of your tree. We always silvered pine cones from the yard with metallic paint and glitter and hung them from the tree with silver gossamer ribbon. Last year I found some lovely snow owl ornaments–a tree in fresh snowy colors.


  2. Yes, Shirley is correct. Sounds like you need to hibernate for a spell. Tree looks classy. Enjoy your tea and fire! Wondering if the kids will get those other ornaments out. And pray Shirley’s knee heals very fast.


  3. What a lovely idea Deanne. I would love to decorate my tree with rose hips and grandfather’s beard, that white moss you see sometimes. Not being that organized, this year I will be lucky if I get some boughs over the mantle 🙂


  4. Your baby’s breath brings back wonderful memories of my mother decorating the wreath for our front door. She always put fresh baby’s breath in as the special,finishing touch. I do this as well, but never thought of putting it on a tree.Your tree looks like a fantasy in white, but what a wonderful sight a forest of these at a winter wedding would be!


  5. Wow you needed that well earned rest by the sound of it. Yes, I like the touches of Baby’s Breath and eucalyptus, quite delightful, so fresh looking. Can’t wait to see more of your touches through out the season.I am limited around here with my healing new knee. Ouch!


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