Christmas at the House

Home yesterday was so nice in the storm. In the morning in the heart of the storm I saw someone pull in the yard. It was Bill Hopper dropping off Bits and Bites and a fruit cake. I love that about Christmas. Today Harry came down with Cheescake squares and raspberry squares. I will have to do some cooking myself. After receiving these great gifts it makes me want to give some great gifts. I have a few ideas.
After Hopper left yesterday, he never stays long, I went upstairs and started a new rug. I think it might be for my back door, the one we use all the time. It is a mix of browns and mauves just like the Bay of Fundy. I have to see if it will look nice by the back door, if it does I am going to use it there.
I also put up the tree . I love the way it looks right now with just white lights on it. I plan to stop at the flower shop and buy some baby’s breath. The owner told me that it might look good if I want to keep it simple. This year I do not really want to take out all the old ornaments this year. I will leave it up to the kids. If they want them I will get them out. This year I just want the tree to be simple and beautiful.
So far the creche is out, the tree is up , the wreath is on the door, and the mat is on the frame.
The baking remains!






6 thoughts on “Christmas at the House

  1. I love the color and the abstractness of your mat hanging by the tree. Is that the same one as the close ups?
    Your tree is beautiful as well. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.


  2. Is that Harry who usually bakes you scrumptious dessert??? Maybe we could have the recipes.Interesting colours in the rug, I see combinations of cloth and knitting yarn.Your decorations are coming along nicely, bet they are finished by now. You are a busy lady that is for sure. Have a fun time getting prepared, bet the girls in the studio are having a great time helping.


  3. deanne, your simple tree looks elegant!! your mat looks interesting too, cant wait to see it..
    have a great christmas, to you and your family


  4. Those colors are sublime-goodness! Be sure to show us when finished, ok. Merry Christmas and glorious new year to all those hookers out here, crocheters, knitters, painters, fiber gurus, etc. Create beauty everyday. Smile with your entire being. 😉


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