Diane Krys: Feathering My Festive Nest


‘Tis the season and I’m  doing up my nest with a touch of Christmas here and there. Putting up a tree is a given but the rest of the house is an ever changing affair from year to year.  The things I already have around the house are providing a good start for a few spots of decoration.My fridge is usually bulging with magnets holding everything from fortune cookie messages to magazine clippings. When I take all the paper clutter away ( which I’ve been meaning to do for months)  I cluster,reshape and add a few of my sister’s handmade gift tags I saved into the magnet mix and voila, I have a wreath in my kitchen.

I position a watchful metal crow sitting on top of an open kitchen shelf into a running pose and wedge a tree trimming and a few balls in his beak. The little devil looks just like the birds I see outside my kitchen window stealing  berries from the trees.

I hang up my carved wooden Santa on a kitchen wall where I can see it from the living room.  It’s a special piece of folk art by Nova Scotia’s Bradford Naugler. This Santa doesn’t need any extra adornment what so ever. I love him just as he is right down to his mismatched mitts. 

I dust off wooden frames containing brightly colored glass shards. Sitting on the windowsill they look like jewels when the light streams through. It’s a perfect spot for my Matroyshka Santas.  A touch of Christmas and a touch of my Ukrainian heritage.

I put up my niece’s paintings  in the living room.  They greet me when I come in the front door and make me smile. They made them at least 3 years ago-maybe more. When they came back the following year, I saw them excitedly pointing to each other that Auntie had their pictures up. Of course, I did!  I treasure these whimsical drawings more with each passing year as I see them grow and change.

I take ornaments the girls gifted me last year and line them up with colorful painted rocks on the stereo.  It seems the holiday season is a time when I always have the tunes going.

Last year I started knitting ball ornaments for the outside trees to go with the tree cozies I’ve shown you in previous year’s posts.  This year the cedars by the front steps are getting in on the knitting action with striped balls.  It doesn’t take many when you make them  big and bold.  I hope to knit a few more. I’m in the mood to knit something mindless and it doesn’t get any easier than knitting squares  then sewing, gathering and stuffing them into ball shapes.






I think I’m done!  Simple with a light touch-that’s the way I’m rolling this year.  My nest is ready to greet whoever comes up the walk. How ever you feather your festive nest, I hope it’s cosy and that it brings you warm memories and good cheer.  I wish everyone all the best for a wonderful holiday season!


Thanks  for stopping in-see you 2014!

13 thoughts on “Diane Krys: Feathering My Festive Nest

  1. Hi Susan, What a nice surprise to see your comments here. Thanks for checking out the show! Have fun with your needle felting. Next time you’re in Edmonton I’d love to see your creations. Happy New Year! xo


  2. Hi Diane, Mom, April and I visited your show when I was last in Edmonton and thought it fantastic. We brought a copy of the Arts Council magazine back with us and I asked a friend who knits and she explained it was needle felting. I have just bought my first bit of roving and 3 needles to play over the holidays. Thanks for the inspiration. Hope all is well. Love your cousin Susan


  3. Hi Carol, That’s exactly how I make the balls! (If you want a more refined look there are patterns that decrease and increase to shape the ball form.) Thanks for popping into my nest- Happy Holidays!


  4. Thank you for inviting me into your festive nest!! Year by year, I’ve simplified my decor…I’m close to my goal this year…there are live greens and other things included that are especially dear to my heart…
    I’d love to add some knitted balls! Is it just a knitted square and batting?! I’ll have to knit a square and figure out how to make it round…AHA…just realized I think your sewed two edges together, then gathered the top and bottom!!! I’m on it!! Thank you…and wishing you a lovely Christmas season, surrounded by your beautiful decor…Carol


  5. thanks diane, for letting me know about the knitted balls , may just do a few up on these cold nights,,
    merry christmas to everyone..


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