Maritime Mary: Book Club

I belong to a book club. We have no name, we are an untitled eclectic group of ladies. We meet monthly, get caught up on our lives, discuss our book, laugh, and get off track. And then we drink teas and eat something delicious.

Last night we changed up our December meeting and had a pot luck at my house. It’s always fun to dress up a festive table, especially when you aren’t responsible for the food prep. Pot luck is a great idea. We also celebrated a special birthday for one of our members and the cake, well, it was as good as it looked. Have a peek.

Light snow was magically falling as we bid each other adieu, Christmas greetings were extended – till we meet again for tea and book talk in January.





4 thoughts on “Maritime Mary: Book Club

  1. Beautiful table Mary!! The cake looks delicious.
    Alice Munro — one of my favourite authors! I’m currently reading “Something I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You”. It is the only one I haven’t read.
    Merry Christmas.


  2. Your table looks inviting. Dessert out of this world. Alice Munro won the Nobel Prize. I saw on the telly today that her daughter accepted the award. We should all be proud of Alice.


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