Catherine Bussiere: Shopping

Friday my daughter skipped school so we would go on a shopping trip to Moncton
I’m not a shopper, I don’t particularly like shopping, I usually stay away from malls
Recently I had to drive to Moncton for a two day training session
It was the first time I drove there by myself
It’s funny how I can be intimidate by new places
If I don’t have to drive I’m happy to let my husband take the wheel
yet, if I have to I’m fine, I just have to do it once, realize it’s no big deal, then I’m good to go
A few days after the initial trip as I was driving my daughter to work I offered to take her shopping
My daughter loves shopping, she loves to buy and give
She couldn’t believe it
what! shopping in Moncton, at the mall!!!

and so we did; walked around for hours, found a little this and a little that, had a bite to eat, went to a big book store, did the mall thing
I actually enjoyed it
I enjoy spending time with my daughter
as the clock is ticking I feel like every moment with her is precious
soon she’ll be spreading her wings
just like her brothers did

Saturday my beautiful daughter was a vendor at a local Christmas market
she is taking entrepreneurship in high school and with one of her classmate had to start a business
She decided to make scarfs (a crocheted type that Brenda taught her)
She also made some kits (thanks to Deanne for inspiration)
I was busy at a different market capturing a flashmob performance
Since I was there I did more shopping
The lovely thing about Christmas market is all the handmade things that you can get
I saw people I hadn’t seen in a while
everyone carrying different goods
happy chatters filling the space
unique finds
all shoppers supporting local artist and artisans
it was just so lovely

Later, when I picked up my daughter she had made enough in sales to cover all of her production cost and more
She had done some networking with other vendors
She had bought more goods
We were both pretty content

where ever you go have fun
tis the season after all

below are a couple pictures of Christmas figures made with branches and burlap that a friend of mine makes. Cool stuff.







5 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: Shopping

  1. These are just priceless! How talented & gifted each individual really can be. Love people watching, don’t you? Thank you for sharing Catherine.


  2. Cool is right. Amazing to say the least. How unusual those figures are, I am blown away with them. Imagination by the artist is outstanding .Curious to know how many she sold, and where would one put them? Like you, I am not a Mall shopper, if I must shop, give me boutiques, and local artisan markets. A day out with your daughter must have been fun, Merry Christmas Catherine.


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