Reader’s Rugs

It always feels good to see the work in progress or finished of people who have ordered online or been here for a workshop.  Here are a few….

Nina Seaman sent me the pictures of a series f rugs she made in last year’s workshop.

Jean Lindsay sent of a picture of the pattern, Three Hooks that she has in progress.


4 thoughts on “Reader’s Rugs

  1. I mounted these 13×10 mats on a very thin sheet of plywood. I pulled them taut and then stapled them to the board.
    Then I covered the back with. Sheet of construction paper which I glued to the linen on the edges. I signed the construction paper with my name and date. I think they make a nice grouping for the corner of the room, but they can also be arranged in many configurations. I also nailed a small bracket to the fr top of the plywood which makes it easy to hang. This Christmas I have made Santas, Christmas trees and even a hit or miss fish to hang using the same idea.


  2. I just love Nina’s rugs and I’m curious how she mounted them. They look like they hang stiff and aren’t floppy. Are they on a board? Many thanks for sharing these.


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