savouring the small town ways

So I headed out to my little downtown today. All the shops had special sales for Black Friday. I am happy to say that I was able to get nearly all my Christmas shopping done in my hometown. Everyone had special deals on today. Even the flower shop has a sale on flowers. I think I will stop and get a few blooms before I head home to enjoy over the weekend. I saw some eucalyptus and some Irish bells. For fifteen dollars I get a lovely bouquet and I’ll cut a few pine boughs off my trees to enjoy with it.

Tomorrow we are having our Five Artists: One Studio affair here at the studio. We ordered shortbread, oatcakes, cheese cakes and fudge. If that does not get you out  I do not know what will. I have to confess I ate all the little plain cheesecakes…well four of the six. There are lots of other flavours left though. Sorry, now you know what I am like.  The good news is I ate a healthy lunch of lentil soup, followed by four mini one inch cheesecakes. They were gorgeous.

Then I went to the farmers market and bought beeswax candles from Grandma Gail , that Catherine wrote about on Sunday. I have been trying to burn candles this year in the evening and I love the smell of beeswax. I also like playing with the melted wax, youngster that I am.

Suddenly today I got that Christmasy spirit. I did plenty of my shopping and I enjoyed it because there were no crowds. The service was great. Everywhere that I spent my money it mattered to them because they were small independent businesses. Thanks to Flow Boutique, Damaris Spa, J and G Jewellers, Dayles, McCully Market, Buds to Blossoms, and of course Mansour’s Men’s Wear for being in the downtown and putting on some great sales today.

After my shopping I came back and wrote out some thank you notes to other people in my town who have been helpful to me over the last year. Our town council has been really great helping us with our downtown marketing and we have a great local community run radio station called CFTA. You can listen to it online. So many of us here are really trying to preserve our community, and savour our small town ways. There is something lovely about knowing you are in it together.

A couple of instagram shots from our lovely downtown….

IMG_2572 IMG_1793

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  1. How I love your posts, Deanne, they make me inspired, thank you. Lived in Fredericton, in the ’70’s, our daughter born there. She hasn’t seen N.B. since we returned to Ontario, when she was an infant. Will try to make a trip in 2014 to N.B, & definitly to Moncton, to visit you & studio Last time I visited N.B. was in winter of 2008, St. Stephen.


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