In the mail

There is nothing like good mail, a letter, a card, a present, a package. Last week a friend sent me a gift, a bracelet with a Mary Medal on it. When I was a child I wore medals like these. My mother pinned them to my undershirt with a little piece of blue ribbon. My mother wore them pinned to her brassiere. I have worn the bracelet everyday since.

It was a beautiful gift. I was tempted to send her a gift right back. I wanted to. Then I thought, perhaps you should just receive and appreciate. To send something back right away would have seemed to minmize the gift. As if something so beautiful and meaningful could be equalized or evened out. Sometimes you just have to be the recipient. Sometimes you get to be the bearer of gifts but sometimes you have to graciously accept one and sit with it.

After a time, I’ll remember and reciprocate but it does not matter . A simple thank you is enough.

I will though remember the pleasure of an unexpected wrapped gift in the mail and I will be sure to send the pleasure on to a few friends and family. A parcel in the mail, any time of year for any reason is such a pleasure.



3 thoughts on “In the mail

  1. The Miraculus (sp?) medal. I have one on a necklace. Lost it one day years ago then looked down while walking on the lawn and found it just like that…


  2. How fun! I just sent a gift to a dear friend, it was a pillow I hooked of a cat in a garden with bees buzzing around. She was so excited to get it as she is a lover of cats! So much fun!!


  3. ” A parcel in the mail …….” or a letter . I agree with that sentiment 100% . I have had the privilege to travel a bit in the past two years and I sent many postcards back ‘ home ‘ to Canada and to family in the Netherlands which were so well received , still , even in this day and age. Hand written Christmas cards are equally as lovely to receive and writing them is one of the most enjoyable and meaningful activities I undertake during the Christmas season.


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