Catherine Bussiere: Grammy’s Birthday

This week end was Grammy’s birthday party
Grammy is 75 tomorrow so she organized herself a lovely family reunion just the way she likes it

Grammy is someone rather special
at 75 she lives like the grammy in Little Red Riding Hood
She’s off the grid, in the woods, pumps her water and lights her lovely cottage with beeswax candle that she makes
at 75 she sells those candles at local farmers market
She has taken several arts and crafts over the past 20 years
paper maché, tile work, photography, weaving, beeswax candle, to name a few
Before that she did a million things
amongst which having a restaurant in the Costa Rican jungle
and getting a university degree at age 60
She’s been what most of us would consider poor all her life
yet she is one of the richest women I know

Last night she got exactly what she wanted
in her little red cottage she hosted 22 of her closest ones
it was so tight in there it felt like one of those games where you have the one empty space and movement is directed by whichever element gets moved
all of us being those elements we eventually all had a place to sit, and a full plate of food in front of us
Grammy was beaming

Last night she told me she had a secret
she wouldn’t tell me right away
This morning she came by
sat in the living room amongst all off us
I made her coffee
her eyes were shining
out came the secret
“I have to tell you something she said: I’m getting myself a Kiln!”

Excitement, constant interest, curiosity
thirst for life and what it has to offer
animates this beautiful grammy

Dear GG (for Grammy Gail)
you are a remarkable women


the following images are for her







14 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: Grammy’s Birthday

  1. Thank you for such a wonderful story of Gail………I am lucky, I have known Gail for many years, more then I will mention. We started in Kindergarden, graduated from high school. And then on to the rest of our lives…………it’s been a wonderful journey.

    Betty Welles


  2. Denise
    I love to ask people what this photo is. They never guess.
    Walking outside this summer I found my canoe with water in it. Since it had been sitting there for a while with no one using it water had collected at the bottom and so did some sediment.
    The little hand print is possibly the track left by a raccoon. My guess.


  3. Thank you Catherine for sharing your wonderful Grammy with all of us. I admire her authenticity… Be who you are…true to yourself and what you know and love. I see these same traits in your writing and photography and all that you share with us. Thank you for being you and sharing that with all of us.


  4. ..and so are you Catherine. Week after week your words and images leave me in awe. All the best to your Grammy, she’s a shining example of how to live life to the fullest.


  5. You’re such a wonderful woman yourself… All that love, insight and deepness. Everything is relative down here. Even richness.


  6. I like the sound of Grammy Gail. My kinda lady, sure would like to meet her. Lovely tribute to her Catherine, interesting photographs.


  7. How wonderful and a great example for us all to follow. Live life at its fullest. Keep learning. Keep plugging away.
    Thank you for sharing. My grandmother was a great example always and your story reminded me of mine.


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