Catherine Bussiere: misty morning

misty morning

before I got up this morning my intention was to go for a drive and take pictures
I would use my wide angle lens and think about horizon for subject

lately I have been off and on coffee and off and on gluten
I was diagnosed with anemia and must take iron supplement
I have also been juicing off and on
sometime first thing in the morning I make this apple, carrot, beet, ginger concoction
talk about healthy
it is actually very tasty

this morning I got up and made myself a coffee and since there was no milk
(milk is off my list too, no reason) I added some spicy Mexican hot chocolate mix to my coffee
hey, hey, hey
then I had two pieces of toast (wheat that is) with peanut butter
not a trace of fruit
loads of caffeine

I also took a paper from who knows when that was in the start the fire box
my husband said “reading old news”
I forget if I responded
I never read the paper and really didn’t care if it was yesterdays news
by the time the paper is in your hand it’s already yesterdays news anyway
point was I am having coffee (Mexican mocha to be precise), and peanut butter toast, and I’m reading the paper
Can it be more Sunday or what

I just finished an inspiring article about the first women to cross the Atlantic in some fancy rowboat when I noticed how beautiful it was outside
a sense of emergency got me up and out the door with the last bit of that delicious coffee
out I go with my wide angle
there might be enough horizon at my doorstep

I spent the following hour and a half wandering around the property in a mist filled atmosphere
in this still morning every breath I took seemed extra oxygenated
a rare bird or squirrel would once in a while break the silence
I felt as if I was in a fairy tale
I loved the mystery filled ambiance
how only some things were visible while at a distance the outlines became vague

it’s funny how much is right at our doorstep

I’ve been slightly depressed recently
it’s a seasonal thing
it’s part of my nature
maybe it’s the lack of iron
who knows
the thing is, I’ve always lived with it and I’m kinda fine with it

it’s like this misty morning
it’s a grayness that can take over your senses
that blurs your vision and can weight you down
Instead of driving away from it looking for better horizon
I soaked it in, filled my lungs, filled my eyes, treated my senses
I embraced it and found myself quite content

nature is a remedy, a sanctuary

unless it was that coffee







13 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: misty morning

  1. Catherine this is a beautiful post a with lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to you posts. Have a great day!


  2. Hi Sue
    I use a Nikon D90 with a 18 to 105mm zoom lens. I also have a 40mm prime lens which is good for portrait and closes up.
    Nothing too fancy yet quite good.


  3. Thanks, Catherine. I loved reading your “misty morning” reading and seeing those incredibly beautiful pictures you shared with us. I can never capture a misty morning here in St. John’s as well as that, and trust me , i have tried. I guess I’m more into photography on a sunny or snowy day , but after seeing what you have done , I feel the urge to try again.


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