Grilled on the Woodstove

In our house we barbecue in the winter, not the summer, cause we use our wood stove.  Usually it is my husband’s thing to do. Last night though, there was no one home and there were two t bone steaks in the fridge that a local farmer had dropped off for us. I thought I can do this grilling. I baked myself a potato and cooked a steak on the wood stove on the open fire. Then I sat to a quiet meal with the paper.

It is a bit hard to control the cooking but I managed to get it done the way I like.





6 thoughts on “Grilled on the Woodstove

  1. I can smell it from here and feel the lovely heat of a wood fire. Here is what I do for baked potatoes, take a small round rack, put it on stove top, put potatoes on rack and cover with a pot up side down to cover it all. They bake in no time.


  2. Wow, what nice memories! We had a wood stove similar to yours’ and we often made the meal with it. Thanks for the nice thoughts. Sandie Poe


  3. that is making my mouth water…great idea…didn’t even think of the rack with the long handle…we have one…I’ll let you know how it works…we have no fresh steak, but I’ll try potatoes…and veggies…yum…


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