Look with Lorna

The day the new book arrived

It was exciting when the first box of books arrived at the studio; we were all waiting to see that first copy. At first we were looking at the books amazed at how bright and colorful the rugs turned out on paper, but then Deanne started to cry and soon we were all teary eyed. I was surprised how emotional the experience was watching our friend hold her new book for the first time. Congratulations Deanne, Singily Skipping Along is a wonderful book, both you and Sheree are amazing !

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5 thoughts on “Look with Lorna

  1. Deanne it is always a wonder for me to see your new rugs. I remember the look on Sheree faces when she first saw the ones that were to illustrate her words. I’m looking forward to see the book.
    Congratulation to you both!


  2. Congratulations to both of you. I cannot begin to tell you the difference you both made in my life – Sheree long ago with her “toes in my nose” book and it’s irreverent and funny look at life and poetry (which coloured the way I taught English), and you, Deanne, with your “own your own hands” approach to rug hooking. Thanks to both of you. I think this moment of success for you both is singularly well deserved!


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