November is nest month

Last SundayI went to see Neville MacKay, a florist from Halifax , give a floral design presentation. It is presented by a local flower shop and it gets all the local women out and in the mood to decorate for Christmas.  I myself am not a big Christmas decorator. A dozen lemons, a few cloves, and a Christmas tree gets me in a festive mood. I really like Christmas but mostly it is the get togethers that I love.  I put out my creche each year, and I bring in some pine bows. Hi presentation though did make me want to primp my house and invite some friends over. Truth is I have not being doing much of that lately.

The studio is the place where I seem to entertain. At home, it is mostly impromptu visits and teenagers hanging out, which I love. After leaving the show, I decided that I was going to go around my house and gather up all my bits and pieces, vases , statues, nick macs etc and put them on my kitchen table and then redecorate the houses in some way. I am going to move some paintings, just primp things. You see I used to do stuff like this all the time. My friend Donny would come over and we would rejig things but over time I have got things the way I like and I start to ignore the house a little. This time of year gets me in the nesting mood. I have gathered up my beeswax candles now that the evenings are longer and have started lighting them for the supper, or sometimes even when I just am watching tv. I am always afraid I might leave them on and go out the door, but still I light them, making sure to low them out if I leave the room.

For me November is nest month, a chance to get used to being at home again. Tonight I have a meeting for our downtown marketing committee, and after that it is nesting time. I a going home to make tea and fix up the abode. Simply moving the pottery from one room to another, or changing around a few lamps does not sound like much but it changes what and how you see things day in and day out and I like that idea. My house is really lived in, it has never been a show home, but mostly I fill it with things I love, blankets I feel comfortable under, couches I like to sit upon, and cups I like to drink from. Small things that make my house feel like my home.

Every now and then it needs a little primping, and I am the one for that. November is the time for that.




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  1. This is the email address For my new tablet…learning how to use it…
    Love this re-feathering of your nest…exactly what I’m doing…moving things out, putting back what I want to keep, re-locating other things…it is SO working for me! I have the same kind of house…hopefully inviting and comfortable, but a little tweaking feeds my spirit…enjoy!!! C


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