Seafoam Lavender Farm

This year at our annual October Workshop, we focused on Joy. The first thing I wanted to do was make sure everyone got a little present, because giving is part of the joy. Also, people love to  receive a little present. This weekend I went to the Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market and I ran into Suzy who provided every participant (50 in all…you should come next year!) with her Smooth Moves Hand Cream.

Suzy runs Seafoam Lavender Farm which is a beautiful farm on the Sunrise trail, about a one hour and fifteen minute drive from my studio.  You can wander around the farm, enjoy the  fields of lavender and see all the wonderful products Suzy has made from Lavender. You can breathe in the scent of lavender mixed with the salt air. It is a tonic for sure.

What I admire about the lavender farm is their innovation. As you can see from the pictures below, suzy has worked to create many many products that accentuate the healing as well as the aromatic qualities of lavender.

I was happy to run into her and get her picture , so I could thank her for her generosity and for sharing her product with the many women who came to visit me this fall.




6 thoughts on “Seafoam Lavender Farm

  1. What a lovely gesture.
    Suzy is a talented fibre artist as well! When she and her family had Sunrise Mercantile I was lucky to have her as a teacher for a felting class and another day for spinning on a drop spindle. Positive, clear and skilled in facilitating adult learning.
    Lucky to have her!
    All the best with the Farm


  2. Love their products! When I epwas home the beginning of October we took a drive over (from Truro) and I brought the hand cream, foot balm and hand soap back with me. Love visiting them in Seafoam!!


  3. How I love the scent of Lavender. Wonder if they make Lavender flavoured wine??? Actually, I have a friend who always wears shades of lavender from head to toes.Yes, her hair is lavender. Her car purple!. The younger people call her the Lsvender Lady!!!!!She is a Professional ice skater. She must look beautiful whizzing around in lavender.I would enjoy walking through the fields at Seafoam Lavender Farm. Hmm the fragrance would be seductive.Shirley


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