Whatcha got cookin?

I came home thinking about chicken pot pie. I planned a nice supper with a biscuit crust. I never said anything about it because my husband makes fun of the way I say chicken pot pie. He says I say it like a song . If I say I am making it he goes around repeating chocken pot pie over and over again very fast and I get irritated.
Does your husband do stuff like that? Mocking the mouth that feeds you is unwise , tell them for me.
So tonight I come and go to the fridge tasting the gravy I’ll make, thinking about how I can make it rich with out adding cream. You know what it’s like.
I open the fridge and the rack is bare. It is naked. The lovely meat king that Jacey McGuinnes raised and dropped off at my house is lying there bare bones. The breasts are cleaned. The wings are missing.
I have no alternative. There is not even a pound of hamburg there thawed. I think about it. I pull out the rack put it in a pot and cover it with water and boil them bones. It was a bit of hope. Can you make soup in an hour?
It was also about making the best of what you got. I could not boil noodles because I had already resorted to that once earlier in the week. I thought to myself , savory. Put in savory and it will taste like chicken stock so I did. Then I removed the rack and saw that underneath there was a little dark meat. I picked it clean. i then chopped carrots, beans and potato and cooked it. Once they were cooked I thickened the sauce, threw in the meat and called it chicken stew. Now I am about to throw in a cup of peas and I will make biscuits.
Truth is I love to know that kids come eat at my place. I would never begrudge my daughter the chicken, but when I saw that empty rack I did know that I had a puzzle on my hands. A puzzle called…supper.



5 thoughts on “Whatcha got cookin?

  1. We had 2 of our boys and their girlfriends over for Thanksgiving. They all wanted to take some leftovers, so we let them go to it. When we went to put away the rest, we discovered they had take ALL of the turkey left. So, we had turkey soup with the leftover stuffing and cranberry sauce. It’s nice to know they love our cooking 🙂


  2. Amazing what you can rustle up out of a seemingly empty frig.Those biscuits look mighty fine, picture them with clotted cream and strawberry jam.!!!!! Hmm Hmm Goooood.


  3. Sigh…the story of my life. We have a delightful boarder now our children are grown and gone. But my, she does like meat! I often find our fridge bare as she and hubby clean it out for their lunches at school and work. I like that you’re not only creative in your studio Deanne, but also in your kitchen. 🙂 Have a great day!


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