Maritime Mary: To those who participated in the Fibre Arts Festival

Whether you are local to our area and took in activities, or if you travelled a short or a long distance, you were part of a wonderfully vibrant week here in Amherst. Our community enjoyed such a productive and inspirational pulse.  So many shared and learned.  All around our border town, on the streets, in stores, in restaurants, at shows and exhibits, you contributed to our festival.  So many came out.

At Deanne’s Studio, we enjoyed the great energy that came with our visitors.  We loved how you exclaimed and let us know that you were delighted to be in Amherst and in our shop. We watched how you carefully selected the right wool colours and textures for your current projects and for those in future plans.  We loved how local people, even those who do not hook, came out to look at rugs and to be part of the experience of the Fibre Arts Festival.

We’ll miss all our visitors!  As the song goes, “Will ye no come back again….?”