Catherine Bussiere: fall impression

so much can be said

so much can be seen

in a state of tiredness

all I share is this

a walk in the woods

of fall before the falls

wonders of nature

once again

fulfill ones mind, heart, soul

the drive home

long after too short a night

in the back seat

listening to music

I watch the changing light

over hours

pouring rain, rainbow, clouds

a strange evening

puts me in an impressionist state










































4 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: fall impression

  1. Hi Catherine
    Thanks for your beautiful writing and photos. Uisage Ban falls is a magical place with lots of memories. Snowshoeing in to the falls on a snowy day is a page out of Narnia.
    Thanks for the treat


  2. Catherine, This is such a beautiful post. Your poem and your pictures have brightened a dark day for me. Thank you! Denise


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