Catherine Bussiere: Still

the sun is rising later and later
this morning as I walk outside in the mist of dawn
I let the stillness fill my soul

feeling the promise of the day
I look at my garden
the trees
the grass
the empty swing
I look at the light reaching the heights
slowly coming down on me

my sister came with her three kids for ten days
they just left at 5:30
it’s a long trek to Quebec
I will miss the busyness of the little ones
the companionship of my sister

the house is quiet
my teens
– my young adults
are slowly rising
eating yesterday’s leftovers
pumpkin, apple and cherry pie

thanksgiving has to be my favorite holiday
I like the feast
the gathering of family
the celebration of harvest
earth goodness

happy thanksgiving
may you be surrounded by the ones you love









7 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: Still

  1. Catherine, your photography is superb. Your words touch the soul, beautiful thoughts to fill our hearts with joy. Family, love, moments to remember on this Thanksgiving weekend. I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving too. Shirley


  2. Sorry Sandra, I don’t know the name, it is still all weeds to me. It’s on my bucket list though: learn about what’s naturally growing around here. Especially what’s edible.


  3. Sounds and looks beautiful and peaceful Catherine.
    Do you know the name of the plant growing in the grass in the third picture?


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