Maritime Mary: Community

20131008-181819.jpg20131008-181909.jpgLiving in larger centers has its advantages, among them having more choices for cultural and recreational activities. But recently I have been thinking about the perks of living in small towns and villages, as many of us in Atlantic Canada do.

Here in small town Nova Scotia, you know people.  You’re aware that someone has fallen on hard times, that someone is ill and requires financial assistance, a visit, or even ‘a pan of squares’.  You see posters for fundraisers, for concerts or other such events where many provide their gifts of time, talent and materials to support a cause.

Recently it was church fundraising. This past weekend, it was a group of fifty or so women, dressed in pink, attending  Pour for the Cure in support of the Breast Cancer Foundation.  Next it will be a benefit for an individual.  There is no shortage of needs.

While we may go on at times about small towns, people knowing people and their business, I really do feel blessed to live where we can count on the community coming together.


5 thoughts on “Maritime Mary: Community

  1. there are two hundred very different people in my village here on the
    north end of Vancouver Island. Whether you are a personal friend of another person or whether you know someone only by name you always know or hear when somebody is sick or needs a jump start for their dead car battery or that pan of squares….we really can count on Community here where I live. I am so lucky


  2. Many big city neighborhoods and urban planners are often trying to create and emulate the great sense of community you described. In Edmonton, once a year they put out a top 10 neighborhoods list and what makes them so desirable. I read them and think it’s because each neighborhood feels and functions like a small town. I think there’s many quality of life lessons in small towns and villages.


  3. Good thoughts…big cities are often over-rated, in my opinion…the ideal situation is living in a small town within reach of a larger one…we live happily in the mountains with Denver, CO, close enough to enjoy when the spirit moves us…C


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