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Those of you who follow the blog regularly will know we had some issues yesterday and today with our website as we were doing some site maintenance. Thanks for your patience. We should be good to go now.

The weekend here was busy with hockey and friends. There are still lots of people traveling here so we are getting lots of studio gusts still which we really appreciate. It is so fun to come to work in the morning and wonder who’ll walk in. Today we have a school librarian from outside of Boston. Yesterday, we had a friend of Carol Zimmerman’s who so often comments on the blog.

We are running Wild with Wool and it is going well. Wild with Style starts in late October. So get registered if you can join us. We often get people who have taken or are taking online courses dropping in as well.

I am working on a new brochure and am happy with everything but the covers. It is a big beautiful  seven panel fold out . I am  also working on a coupon book for downtown Amherst that will be printed today. It is a little community project that I agreed to do for the town who funded it so we would have a booklet to give out to visitors in town, and towns people as well. We gave a great little downtown marketing committee that works together nicely.

So as for me, I am getting ready for next weeks big workshop and I am so excited. I should make myself crazy busy this week but instead I slow down to prepare for next week. This of course makes me want it to hurry up and come. So this week I’ll work on readying the shop. I’ll make some patterns, cut up some balls of wool in batches. Redo a few displays. Mary is working today and she likes to move furniture! It is a make work week. I have all the work done for next week’s workshop. In fact I have been preparing for it all year, since last fall in fact. That is what makes this workshop so very special. It is a years work in culmination, that I get to share with everyone.

Next year we are doing Simply Modern.…so plan to come. I have put it on the website. So if you are not coming this year , think about next year. I will have a new book coming out next fall about modern design for hooked rugs so it will be a lot of learning on that theme, I have started working on it already.

Big Comfy Chair 10 pink dress and leggins-130 DSC_0023 DSC_0025the door today

3 thoughts on “all aflutter….

  1. Thrilled with the “simply modern”. Abstract and modern design are my “thing” and I love hooking. Best of both worlds. When will your book be coming out? Liz


  2. Wow…a mention in the blog! I have to say my Washington state friend, who visited the studio yesterday, enjoyed every minute! I knew she would, of course, but I don’t think she was prepared for the lovely reception…she tells me she Shopped (with an uppercase “S”!) and, busy as you were, was served tea! She also took some photos for me…I hope I can take some of my own one day!
    Thanks for making Debbie’s day…and mine, too! Carol


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