So much of creativity and making things is about play. Feeling free, getting down on the floor, and just fooling around. I was never great at getting down on the floor and playing.  For years I felt that I needed to be doing something but age is changing that.  When this pile of wool came in, it seemed to me that the best purpose for it was to play in it, capture it and remember it. I spilled it all out and dove in, I invited Mary, Elvira, and Megan to do the same.

With my rug hooking I have learned that rugs do not need to be made to sell, or to fit comfortable above a sofa. I need to make them to inspire others to create and imagine. I need to make them to help others think of all the great things that they can make. I need to make them to exercise my own imagination. To deepen my own well of knowing what I can do.

The other day I was knitting on a scarf without a pattern and it was not going so well. I was about to give up and I thought to myself, “It does not matter if it turns out.” I am early on in the knitting but  I still need to remind myself that I am knitting to learn, and knitting to knit. It does not matter how things turn out, I just need to turn them out. In turning them out I’ll learn

This is the way I learned to hook. I just hooked. Freely , easily, playfully, just making them one loop at a time, staying open to the idea, that anything might happen. It makes it so joyful.

IMG_7322 IMG_7323 IMG_7326 IMG_7327 IMG_7335 IMG_7336

4 thoughts on “playtime

  1. What would really make it perfect is if you could leave it and let us play in it to find what we need!!!

    Or just put it in a giant container and display it that way…

    Easy for me to say…I’m in the process of ‘organizing’ my wool, and I’m doing it by color…maybe I should be more like you! My kitty would certainly love that concept…!

    Enjoy…I need to loosen up! C


  2. The next time a bundle of that gorgeous, textural, fibrelicious wool comes in to the studio, I insist on an invitation to participate in the frolic.


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