Elizabeth, wonder, just watch her….

Elizabeth, what can I say.  There was  an old beat up restaurant. She bought it.  I called and said I’d help her for the afternoon. Maybe we could tear up the floor. She was happy .

So I showed up and there she was in this building that had been closed up for three years. It’s big. On the counter was her fancy purse.

And beside it was a  bottle of Aveda Chakra Scent.

On the table was an Aveda Candle. Lit.

I just shook my head. Hope.

Just cause she was there the place was full of faith and hope.

That is the spirit she brings with her.

The candle and the chakra spray were beside the point. I laughed at them, but there were kinda of symbols.

There she was all alone, happy as a lark. Hopeful as a robin with her little candle and a bottle of perfume and a big old musty building.

If it was anyone else I’d wonder, but because it is Elizabeth, I’ll just watch her.

She’s a wonder.

She has the Aveda Spa , Damaris, across the street from my studio , and she knows how to transform things.

In this new building she is going to move her business , Simply for Life, and The Art of Eating Deli will relocate there with her.

She is also going to start Monasa, a health and local food store there.

We tore up most of the floor that afternoon.

We looked over the architectural drawings. We aired the place out a bit.

We moved things around and talked as we did.

Elizabeth is taking  something that was on the edge, and is starting to return it to the community.

We need women like her. They make us all a little more hopeful.

Light a candle and celebrate her.

She’d probably like it if it was an Aveda candle, but anyone will do.

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13 thoughts on “Elizabeth, wonder, just watch her….

  1. There is a lot of work to be done Elizabeth, but I’m sure your vision of the finished transformation will be very warm and inviting!!! Have fun with your inspiration!!!


  2. So excited to see the transformation and as always transformation comes from the heart and boy does Elizabeth have heart! (and so do you, Deanna). With another wonderful business downtown the transformation will only grow and continue! Great work and cheers to both of you wonderful ladies!


  3. My beautiful sister, love what you wrote….it made me miss her, wish I was there to help tear up the floor! 🙂


  4. Elizabeth you are doing a great job. That building will look beautiful when you are done I am sure. Our downtown is coming alive again, I love it!!! 🙂


  5. God! This makes me feel so good. I love reading, hearing about or being a part of transformative energies. Best of luck and have fun!


  6. Elizabeth,all the best to you and your endeavors.Good to see old buildings put to good use.Can’t wait to visit when you are open for buisness.All the best.


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