We started months ago. In December the seed catalogue arrived and in March we decided on the tomato varieties we would grow this year. In April, the seeds were planted indoors under grow lights. In May, they were transplanted into individual small pots and in June, they arrived in their home, the garden.

The tomato plants got established and we watched for blossoms and then the tiny beginnings of tomatoes. We watched for blight that is carried by wind blown spores but were fortunate for that not to be an issue this summer.

My favourite tomato is the small variety called ‘Sugary’. It is a small grape shaped tomato that is so sweet, it’s like candy to me and that makes it a real treat. I love them with chopped fresh cucumber and basil, some feta and a light homemade oil and vinegar dressing. Yum! I think that we’ll have that for supper, again!

This sunny weekend past, we cleaned out the now withered, spent plants and brought in the last of the tomatoes, many still far from ripe. They will be ‘forced’ to ripen in brown paper bags. Some will be frozen, they’ll make a tasty tomato sauce on a cold winter night. Salsa is also on my to do list for the coming week or so.

And Soon the 2014 seed catalogue will arrive….





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